Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cupcake Date

On Tuesday the 13th I took my wonderful niece Sydney out for a Cup Cake Date. We started our date out at the Artful Potter's "Paint Me a Story" time. It was of course a story about cupcakes, which she is currently obsessed with.

Ready for our Adventure
So Big! It is happening she is changing from a toddler to a kid! I swear she has grown up and matured since Easter. As she was painting I remembered the first time I brought her painting last Spring to make mothers day gifts it is amazing how much she has changed. See pictures from her first painting trip HERE

Our Hostess reading Chef Joey's Cupcake Creation
Painting the sprinkles- It was so cool seeing her carefully use colors rather mixing them up, at Christmas she was still scribbling with paint.
Look how serious she is, notice her elbow
Painting the cup
"Look What I did!"
After painting we headed to the Cupcakery we shared two cup cakes. Right after this picture she shoved the whole 1/4 cupcake into her mouth.
I can't believe she is growing up to be a smart, talkative, adorable, fun and spirited almost 3 year old.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Double Duty Photo Shoot!

I has so much fun the day before Easter taking Tiffany's Graduation pictures and a family shoot of her wonderful sister Samantha.

First a few glimpses of Tiffany's graduation shoot.

Tiffany is a member of the Las Vegas Slots women's Rugby team

I had a little fun with photo effects

Samantha and her beautiful new family. Avery turned 4 months old that day.

Daddy and Avery
Mommy and Avery
Avery ad her dotting aunt Tiffany