Saturday, December 8, 2012

Aunt Date

It has been forever since I posted a personal post.  This week I took Sydney ad TJ to a pottery event at my school.  We had a little extra time to play in my classroom.  Sydney had a great time doing a sight word scavenger hunt while TJ enjoyed crawling under tables and relaxing in the library.


 It is amazing to see how much her writing had changed in just a few months.  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Becky and Emma

Last week I was able to shoot one of my favorite families Becky and Emma.  I can't believe our first shoot was 5 years ago.  It is amazing how much Emma has grown.  As you can see the mother daughter love between these two is amazing.   Take a peek at our first shoot

I love the love between these two (these moments happen with our without the camera)




They brought their beautiful dogs with them to the shoot.  Blackjack and Princess loved the huge park and all of the birds.

 The whole family

A small giggle break Emma might be growing older but I hope she stays forever young like her momma!

Who said trees are just for kids?

Like a said they are full of love.
 ... and fun!

 A little break to be a kid and play with the birds.

Becky and Emma thank you a great day in the park.  As always it is fun to play with you two!  The biggest challenge is to stop laughing long enough to take the pictures.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Galey's 2012

Saturday I had fun in the park shooting one of my favorite families.  I love Holly and her family I have been capturing her family since the twins were a big baby bump.  This year was a special shoot Holly came to a fundraiser I was doing for the Alzheimer's Walk and she won the photo shoot.   Thank you for the support to our team Holly!

This was one of the first picture I took of the family I knew it was going to be a fun afternoon!

 I love this one!
 Their daughter Acacia took this picture of her mommy and daddy!
 Playing chase with daddy
 Collecting pinecones with mommy
 Funny thing last time I spent with the Galey's Acicia did not want her picture taken my how time changes.
 So serious NOT!
The look like they are in deep conversation.
 Kyden found some puppies to love on in the middle of the shoot.  

 Dawson was laying on the table in protest all of a sudden he rolled over laughing.
 How can you not love these eyes!
Thank you Holly, Shawn, Acacia, Kyden, and Dawson for a great morning in the park, I love being part of capturing your family as you grow and change.  Thank you also for supporting a cuase so close to my heart!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Carmen and Pat's Baby Bump

Carmen and Pat are expecting their first baby.  They were so cute and loving towards each other.  They are going to be awesome parents.  Their daughter will have lots of humor and love in her life!

The Beautiful Carmen
Check out her bump due January
They are so excited and ADORABLE!
 "Oh my she is moving!"

It is so amazing to see the wonder on Carmen and Pat's faces

Pat and Carmen thank you inviting me to shoot this exciting part of your first steps to parenthood.  Thank you also for making me laugh all afternoon, grass or no grass!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jeff and Kris

In September I was asked by client if I was willing to shoot the wedding of her former roommate Jeff.  I had a great time being part of Kris and Jeff's special day, the ceremony was at the Famous Mountain Springs saloon.  Jeff planned the small ceremony surrounded by family and friends.  

Before the ceremony we took some time do some portraits with their bike.

I love this one (thank you Pinterest)

 They are so cute together

How most of the guests came to the wedding.

Any wedding with a a piper is better!

Walking down the isle with Dad!

How sweet is this moment between Kris and her mom

I do!

Kris getting her patch and being welcomed to the family.

One of the little outdoor conversation nooks at Mountain Springs after the ceremony.  I hope Jeff and Kris have the opportunity enjoy the outdoors, passions, and love together this easily 50 years down the road.

Jeff and his mom they are so cute together almost as cute as....

Kris and her mom sharing a special dance together

Deana Thank you for introducing me to Jeff and Kris and inviting me to be part of this day.
Jeff and Kris Thank you for welcoming me into your special day.  It was my pleasure to be part of your wedding day and the joining of your families.