Sunday, June 28, 2009

Billy's Birthday

I just found this post I thought I had posted it already.

For Billy's birthday we celebrated at Auntie Patty's house and partied with Billy via Skype. Mom had sent him a birthday candle that sang happy birthday so he saved a piece of his cake and blew out his candle with the family. It is so wonderful that technology lets us celebrate half a world away.

After the mini party Max took mom to Best Buy to buy her own web cam and I took Sydney outside for some painting fun!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Where have I been?

Yes I know I have been MIA. I have been participating in daily digital scrapbook challenges at Jessica Sprague's site I also went on a great trip to Big Bear CA with hubby I will post pictures in the next month or so LOL! Oh yeah and track break is over and I am back to work. Here are a few of the layout that were keeping me busy!

The first 2 were created with Fonts MaSexy, and CK Journaling Everything from Autumn Woods by ScrapKitchen. They are both from our honeymoon and wedding.

Photos by Max Wilson

Small photos by me Big photo by Megan Resch

This layout was created with ATeets whitiethghtie paper and K Pertit's Floursihes no 2. Photo taken by me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Boulder City

Last week I had a day with no plans so I decided to go to Boulder City with camera in hand for some shopping, pictures, and lunch. I ended up finding some very cool things that have been unnoticed in previous trips.

Driving into town I pulled over several times to take pictures of the many signs that make this place a special lost in time kind of town.I parked by the old Ace Hardware and walked around town and visited many interesting shops. One of my favorites (and new to me) was Hottest Dam Boutique, they had a great variety for all sizes 0-6xl and everything was pretty. Not only were the clothes cute so was the shop that had rose petals on the dressing room floor and a sign that said "You are beautiful" who hasn't needed this reminder when trying on clothes. I was fairly good and left with a beautiful bracelet made by a local artist and a gorgeous Maxi dress.

I also visited an adorable quilt shop with many yummy fabrics man I wish I had time to quilt. I also visited many antique shops which make for not only fun shopping but great pictures. Lunch was of course at Milo's which is a bistro and wine bar, I had the most awesome spinach salad!

My best find though was while taking pictures of the sign for the Boulder City hotel I noticed it had a museum and shops inside. I found a great museum about the building of the Hoover/Boulder Dam and the creation of boulder city. The museum was from the builders and residents perspective not just the basic facts. A must see when your in town and hey it was $2.

Along the way of my adventures I found a beautiful cactus in bloom and had fun capturing it's many flowers.
Finally on the was I stopped at the metal art place and took many more pictures but I will spare you and just share my favorite pieces I think I may end up with this, since I have killed a living cactus LOL!

I know a ton of pictures but I did just share my favorite from the 150+ really good ones.