Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Hood's 2014

This year my sisters family chose The Smith Center.  We had a great time being silly and having fun.  We decided to try and go down to the train track with amazing effect!

 Sydney can you believe she is 7!

 TJ the amazing 3 year old!

 My handsome brother in-law Tom and my beautiful sister Chrissy

Thank you for another amazing year of photographs!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Gueryn Binkley

Meet Gueryn she was born 11/13/14!  Her Mommy Jenn is so happy to snuggle and love on her.  Baby Bump Shoot  I had a hard time putting her down to take these pictures she is so cuddly!

Stop No more Pictures!

Thank you Jenn and Gueryn for letting me capture this new chapter of your lives!

The Galey's 2014

I look forward to the Galey's annual photo shoot we realized that I started 8 years ago with a maternity shoot for the twins.  Where has the time gone.  While Holly and Shaun have not aged at all (in fact I think Holly is getting younger) it is amazing to see the kids grow into amazing personalities!

 I warned you they have big personalities!
 Hmm I wonder where they get it from!

Holly's family was able to join us this year!

 Photo Bomb!
 What is not to love about this!

 Okay lets get serious for a second

Thank you Galey's for letting me capture this moment in time, and being part of your fun!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Binkley Baby Bump

This the Beautiful Jen!  She is soon to be a Mommy (less then 2 weeks)  we had fun starting a baby photo shoot, next step baby!  
Thank you for letting me capture this beautiful stage of life.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Collin's Family

I met the Collin's family  last year and fell in love their energy and passion for each other.  This year the family has grown.  We met at Spring Mountain Ranch State Park.
Hi I am Macie

Wyatt is now a big brother

Big Brother Joey

The Family

Love these guys and gals

 The amazing parents to this beautiful family

Thank you for choosing me to do your family photography.  I loved capturing this special day with your family.