Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Years Resolutions

This year when thinking about a resolution I decided to be as realistic and attainable as possible I really want to be successful for once and loose 100lbs, while making all of my clothes for my shrinking shape is not realistic so here they are. Oh yeah I forgot to mention I heard someone giving Christmas gifts this year inspired by Mind Body and Spirit and decided to go with that as my inspiration for my resolutions.

Mind- Watch less TV and read more books
Body- Stay the same weight (lighter would be even better, but I am going for attainable)
Spirit- Make time for photography and scrapbooking almost every day by creating a photo of the day layout each month (it is okay to skip a photo but there must be a line describing something I did.)

So how about you are making a resolution care to share, what brought you to that resolution?

Monday, December 29, 2008

What did I get??

Kris to answer your burning question "What did I get for Christmas?" Max bought this awesome eReader! That's right is a book in my hand. It is the coolest thing since sliced bread and I have been reading up a storm since Christmas in fact I need to run and get my library card activated so I can get books for free from the local library without leaving home.

What wonderful goodies did you get?

Saturday, December 27, 2008


I hope everyone had a very special and blessed Christmas Season. We had a wonderful holiday blessed with a mix of huge family, just the two of us and medium family.

Grandma's House 30 people
We all gathered at Church for 4pm for the Children's Mass. Then headed back to Grandma's house for a big family dinner of Ham and Turkey along with many other goodies. After dinner we sat around chatting a bit while my amazing Uncles cleaned the kitchen. We then moved into gift opening, I love watching the little ones hand out gifts and see who is able to try and read names each year.

A glimpse into the living room
Grandma and Jayden (my cousin Stormie's son)
Sydney my niece trying to get a Chocolate Christmas Tree
Macy (My uncle Skip's daughter) handing out gifts
My cousin Katie checking out my Cousin Paul's gifts.
Christmas at Home the 2 of us with our fur babies!

My Hubby enjoying his new robe, he was so excited about this gift!
Ever wonder about an idea months ago but did not really mention it after that, and behind the scenes have someone investigate it and on Christmas, Birthday, or every day moment see the idea in real life. Well if your answer was yes I hope your face looked something like this. Lets just say my hubby knew he got it right.
Lucy enjoying her Christmas Jumbone
Ethel enjoying hers
The girls taking a nap on their custom made doggy bed, that fits the couch their favorite sleeping spot. DIYers this is a memory foam twin bed topper covered in a case of fleece blankets.
Mom and Dad's House- 7 people
Chrissy and Sydney posing in their matching Christmas Jammies
Sydney opening presents
Mom and Billy! The best present of the day getting to talk to Billy half a world away.
Sydney and I enjoying a special moment reading a Stoooooreeee together
Sydney trying to put the angel on the tree! She kept leading with her feet. finally I climbed up on a chair and helped her out while Day lifted her up (thankfully there are no pictures of that moment!

Over all it was a blessed holiday season filled with many different events, and gatherings but the truly special part of the season was reconnecting and visiting with family and friends. It is not about the things exchanged but the connections between people!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas in Simi

During the middle of the month I traveled to Simi Valley, CA to join my parents, and Sydney for Christmas with our California side of the family my Auntie Patty (Mom's sister), and my Cousin an and her wonderful husband Dan. As a family we went to the Christmas Tree farm with friends of Ann and Dan's and their daughter Baily.

Sydney listening to Auntie Patty reading her storeeeeSydney trying on Ann's hat
Peter Lisa and Baily
Mom, Sydney, and Auntie Patty looking for the right tree
Ann cutting down the right tree
My dad helping Ann look for the right tree. Isn't he so handsome!
Ms. Sydney and I "cheesing" for the camera
Baily riding the pony (Sydney would not have any part of the pony) I love Peter walking backwards catching every moment.
Sydney playing on the big haystack tower.
Dan AKA Uncle Hopper watching Sydney play.
Thee the farm
Auntie Patty and her trunk full of gift most for Sydney and Baily, she is a sucker for the two little cuties!
Dad and Ann putting up the tree.
Sydney and Baily rocking out on their new microphones.
Dan having a little silly string fun with Ann as she put together the lasagnas, she was not as amused as Dan was.
Baily playing with her and Sydney's dolls in Sydney's stroller. Syd watched on not sure of how to share and play with Baily.
Baily playing in the ball pit.
Sydney surrounded by the paper adn boxes
My Mom cuddling with her new tinkerbell blanket.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day

Greetings from my winter wonderland

Look at my pretty brown house covered in snow and our slushy street!

Noon on my first SNOW DAY EVER!!!! Look how pretty this scene is to the left of this picture is an elementary school. See those nasty slushy streets (thank goodness for those street and my bonus day)The girls and I went for a walk Ethel loved the snow Lucy was not so sure but got into it. I found a wonderful neighbor who was helping her kids build a snowman who took this picture.
The neighbors daughter and her handsome snowman.
So how did I spend my snow day? I went for a wintery walk, a little shopping as the streets cleared up, a very long nap and watched some TV. So basically I did nothing productive and it felt wonderful!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WOW WOW WOW My very cool day!

Hi all greetings from a very exciting day in the desert. We have had possible snow on our weather forecasts for the week, the higher parts of town even had a little stick on Monday. Today I was so excited when I spotted a few flurries (SNOW in my book) It was parent teacher conference say so I was able to keep checking outside, and see the pretty snow.About an hour later I peeked out of the door at work again and noticed it was sticking to the playground cover. Oh my gosh it was so pretty I could not believe it. it was SNOWING
At 2 I had another break oh my goodness it is really snowing but it has rained to much it was to wet to stick booo!!! My husband let me know it was sticking at his school.
At 3 during conferences the office made an all call that the snow was officially sticking! This is what it looked like when I came out of school at 3:30 WOW It is really snowing this is one of the best storms I have ever seen in Vegas.
At a stop sign on the drive home, wow driving in the snow is tricky thank goodness for my wonderful hubby who called and gave me driving directions like dropping my gear and driving really slow. That was not that hard though since I could not see.
When I got home this is what my car looked like! I finally figured out how to use my rear defroster although not very well.
Look at my pretty dead bushes next to my house.
My street at 4pm I slid a bit driving on the street coming home and started to hope for a snow day the streets are dangerous. When hubby came home we were getting into comfy clothes in the bedroom and heard horns honking, he joked "Did my truck slide out of the drive way?" I peeked out of the window. YES IT DID! He went running out to rescue the truck in a t-shirt. Holy Cow I did not know that could happen!
Wow this is my now pretty white backyard covered in snow. My hubby drove me to the gas station to buy hot coco so I could watch the snow all night. It was way to dangerous for me to drive SNOW DAY SNOW DAY!!!
About 5:30pm it is so weird the world is aglow with a purply orange light AMAZING
My drive way at 7:45 it is way to dangerous for me to leave!
My street it is now a wintery mix of rain and snow, I am hoping for a good freeze and snow day. Right before I went to take these pictures I checked my work e-mail and there was a letter from our superintendent of a possible snow day, I will be a perfect 6 year old watching the early news cast hoping for the magic words SNOW DAY!!!

Things I did not know about snow
If you run your heater on to high it can melt and come down your vent, drip ofnthe forr and wet the ceiling.
Snow weighs a lot and can break branches off of trees
Trucks roll out of driveways
The weird glow
How white flakes from the sky could make me feel like a 7 year old full of wonder and excitement.

The following announcement has been posted on the CCSD Website:

Due to weather conditions and for the safety of students, all Clark County School District schools will be closed tomorrow (Thursday). Students should not report to campus.

All administrators, 12-month employees, and office staff should report to work as usual. Teachers and other classroom employees are not expected to report to work since a makeup day may be scheduled later in the year.