Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Springs Preserve

Yesterday I took my niece Sydney out for a field trip to the Springs Preserve. This is the first time I have had time outside of the house with Sydney. We had a great time exploring the preserve and Nevada's history

Sydney had a great time pushing the buttons on the exhibits this one was her favorite when she pushed the button faucets came on and turned dirt into mud (showing the effects of rain water run off on the deserts land scape.)
There were several caves and tunnels to explore she was very timid to enter each one but one she did she loved looking at all of the exhibits and animals some were behind glass and some where sculptures to touch and feel. Once and animal startled her she would start pointing at its nose and eyes then she relaxed. Her favorite animal was a sleeping kit fox. She curled into me and cuddled then pointed to the fox sleeping!
There was a wall with water running down it. She had a great time touching the cool water . She the wall for over 15 minutes in wonder.
We then headed to the garbage pit. She had a great time digging in the sand. She was not to worried about finding the garbage in the sand, but she sure loved dumping the sand.

Then we wondered into the old town . There were large foam blocks to put onto peg walls. She had a great time wrangling the big blocks.
Finally it was time to go hiking into the desert gardens. She had a great time walking and exploring.

The gardens were filled with scarecrows made with recycled materials . Here are some of my favorites. Look close there is a Chef, Steelers fan, Golfer, and The Grim Gardener

The view of Las Vegas from the Spring Preserve.My favorite garden pictures

At the end of our trip we stopped at the gift shop Sydney picked this turtle it was instant love. She kissed and hugged him the rest of the day. She would not give the cashier "Turtle" long enough to scan she had to get a different one.

Right before we left we found this atrium with blue and green recycled glass. It made the perfect background for my beautiful blue eyed niece. I was so lucky to spend the day with Sydney she is finally getting old enough to get out and have fun making special memories and adventures.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to be part of Grace's Quinceañera. This was the first Quinceañera I had ever attended so it was very interesting and full of traditions and symbols that were not familiar to me. Many of you are probably wondering what is a Quinceañera? A Quinceañera is a 15th birthday celebration for girls in the Latin community. Click here to learn more. The party and celebrations are very similar to a wedding. I will do my best with the help of the internet to explain these photos accurately. Warning you might learn something.

Grace deep in prayer at during the mass.
The god fathers during mass.

An important part of the ceremony was when Grace offered flowers to the the Virgin Mary.Grace and her God Parents. There were 2 traditional god parents and several others that support her into adulthood. They all gave her different gifts including a bible, necklace, ring, tiara and more.
Grace's court was made up of girls (Las damas) and boys14 in total and grace made 15. The Quinceañera’s partner for the night, is referred to as the "Chambelan".

Grace and her parents they were a bit embarrassed when I prompted them to do this picture but I love the result.

Grace looking at the ring she received from one set of god parents . Also in the picture is her tiara , bracelet, and necklace.

On the way to the reception I noticed the limo bus pull over at a store and jumped out to catch some of the antics. This pictures shows the big question of "Who has money?" Other moments involved a frosty and a dress oops.During the reception one of the biggest moments is the dance of the court. They did two choreographed numbers, this is their grand entrance.
After the big dance the boys settled into normal dancing male behavior.
The little girls did what little girls do best in fance dresses SPIN!!!

Did you know that "Thriller" is still cool. I was surprised when I heard the familiar music and even more shocked to see teens doing the entire dance from the video. The classics are still cool (see I told you you would learn something)

Of course another favorite moment was the cake MMMM Yummy!!!!

And what major family event is complete without adorable kiddos. I used lots of restraint here really I did!

Grace thank you for letting me be part of your special day and exposing me to this special tradition of your faith and heritage.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I was so happy while shopping at Trader Joe's where I found this beautiful hydrangea. Hydrangea's are my favorite flower and the only place I have ever found perfect ones at is Trader Joe's . Ahh looking at these pretty flowers make me smile.

Speaking of what makes us smile. Coffee stuff makes my hubby smile. When I was putting everything away I decided to layout all of the coffee and tea making stuff. In the old kitchen it was scattered every where boy was I surprised to realize how much we really have. One would wonder how many different ways are there to make coffee and tea my response A LOT. After this picture was taken I found 2 other tools and my hubby bought another. He is on the constant quest for the perfect system

If you are wondering what you are looking at Press pots 2, Mocha pots2, press mugs 3, Milk frother, Immersion Pots 2, Tea Balls 2, Tea Pot, Travel Tea Mugs 2, Tea Baskets 3, travel espresso machine, missing Ibus, Espresso Machine. Perhaps I should save this photo for insurance.

One of the best parts of Football Sundays is taking cat naps between the games. Well I guess in my house I should say dog naps. Ethel was sleeping with her head on her pillow but woke up with a guilty smile when she heard the camera.

The last is not so much a smile picture but an outright belly laugh for my dear hubby. This is what happens to the side yard when I tried to park the truck. I was so scared it was stuck. I can't say I found it funny at the time frustrating yes funny no! But a few days later it makes me smile to at my fabulous driving skills.

What Makes you Smile?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Finally After Pictures


Finally after 2 months it is just about done. Dan my awesome friend and plummer is at Lowe's buying a few necessities. We are also redoing the flooring in a few weeks.

New microwave and stove from last
Big sink and tall faucet!

Broom Closet Max designed this
So pretty, I can't wait to fill it up. Check out that pretty island

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sydney the Big girl

Miss Sydney my adorable niece is getting so big can you believe she is a year and a half old. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to spend an evening with her. She is starting to get to the really fun and active stage where we can actually play. she had fun showing me her kitchen and how she is starting to eat with a spoon.

September 2007
September 2008

The best part was the two of us trying to take a picture together. I probably would have had better luck capturing a UFO but we had fun trying we were both giggling at the end.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Hi all it is October and breast cancer awareness month. As many of you know I am committed to this crusade and today I learned how we can all be part of a cure to Breast Cancer!

Watch this video
After watching this video go to this website

In the video all of the footage from event is the LA Avon walk that I participated in September see post below for details.

I encourage everyone to take care of their Breasts! Don't forget your monthly self breast exams, mammograms, and gut feelings!

My sister and I after the LA walk! Together we want to make sure that no little girl lives her life without knowing her grandma, mommy, aunt, friend etc.