Sunday, January 25, 2009


A friend of mine invited me to her finance's Rugby game to take some fun sports shots. I had a great time taking pictures of not only her man but of many of the athletes.

Crazy how this little guy sneaks into the middle and pops out wiht the ball
Run Noah

Oops you missed him
Yes they lift them up by their shorts to get that high!
Something just strikes me about this one
Check out the tackle

I love the action of the ball coming Noah's way

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Random funnies

Okay so this post has 3 funnies from the last few days.

Yesterday I had to go to an in-service it was raining and parking was bad. I cruzed around and swore under my breath as I saw a spot (forgetting I was on the phone.) So I told my friend on the phone I had to let her go so I could park PARALLEL PARK (cue dramatic music) as my hubby learned on our last trip in city driving that I don't parallel park! It is a skill I don't use living here in Vegas and it is possible the last time I used this parking skill was my driving test. Well I bit the bullet and parked into this spot not hitting the curb (on the second try) I also avoided hitting either car. Yes I was so proud of my park job that only took two tries I took a picture!

My hubby tied another sausage recipe today and I was very helpful bagging and labeling the links for the freezer. He pulled out a bag for dinner and called me over "what does this say?" I came over wondering did I write it that messy (I do have a rep for poor handwriting) I looked at it and it was clear as day so I sassily replied while pointing "HOT LINKS JANUARY 2007"
That was a test did you figure out my error. Yep thats right I was a few years off on the date.

While he was grilling he called me out to show me how much he loves me. It takes an amazing special man to say I love you with meat!

Yesterday was my brother in-laws birthday. We had a family dinner at Red Lobster , I think we only go there for the Cheddar biscuits. After being seated for a few minutes Tom started chanting under his breathe "where are the biscuits" When they came I channeled my inner sassy grabbed my husbands zippo and put it on the plate with a cheddar treat for Tom. Sadly I was not quick enough to get the camera but you get the general idea.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day in history from the eyes of a child!

I debated if I should show the inauguration to my students today. I decided that I should expose them to history. Here is a shot of the TV while President Obama was giving his speech. We came in right after he was sworn in as the cannons were going off. The kids were very interested at that point. They watched for a few minutes then I had them go to the table and draw our weekly picture of Mat Man. Today we drew Mat President. Here is a bulletin board of our mat presidents along with quotes from the kids as we talked about the president. We talked about what he looked like and what he was wearing. scroll down for some of my favorites in no particular order

Check out his ears, and the V of his jacket including his tie. The kids did an amazing job catching details . The kids in discussion noticed his ears were big and he was tall and skinny, with brown skin, black eyes, and black hair.

notice the microphone in his hand (he is not the same kid that made the comment above.)

One little girl wanted to know why were not drawing his wife.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yeah the Steelers are going to the SHOW (the Super Bowl!!!!)

Yesterday we had fun hanging out at home playing with the puppies. Poor Lucy!

Friday, January 16, 2009


Max wanted to try his hand at making sausage here is a photo glimpse of the process.

Everything in the Kitchen Aide (see mom it really was a couples wedding gift, not just for me!)
My busy little hubby bee, watching everything mix up. The smell even at this point was amazing (in a good way)
Look it's real sausage!
*Todays photo of the day* He was so proud of himself as he created his own sausage links with nothing but pure pork and spices.
The most Hot Italian pork sausage you will ever eat cooking up on the grill.
The finished product, ready to eat. With peppers and onions theses were an amazing dinner. Tomorrow breakfast sausage.
It is so nice to have a hubby that enjoys cooking and worries about what is in our food, the best part is he is willing to make it better and healthier (often less salt)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

My take on Project 365

This year I am taking a photo a day as part of project 365 . GO here for more information. Here is my take on this project for the year so far. This is a work in progress! I am completing this project through Photoshop Elements and I am adding photos daily along with a little blurb. The template is my own creation. By the last day of the month it will be ready to print.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Turkish Coffee

For Christmas my brother who is living abroad gave my husband an Ibrik (Turkish Coffee pot) and Turkish coffee. Today we had a chance to play with it and make very yummy coffee together. It was amazing the difference in the Turkish style of coffee from the middle east and the stuff we used before from import stores.

Thank you Billy we look forward to sharing many cups together of this yummy coffee.
The coffee is almost ready
The beautiful ibrik on the stove
Saturday night was Bunco night with my monthly Bunco group.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Bridal Fair

Tonight I went to the Bridal Spectacular with two wonderful friends who are brides to be. While we were walking up and down the isles I got very nostalgic about my own wedding and going to the bridal fair with my mom and sister and all of the planning we did to make my wedding so special. It was nice to see all of these wonderful things and know that I would not change a thing from my special day.

First a little walk down memory lane with a shot from my wedding, taken by my amazing traveling wedding photographer Megan Resch.
My partners in wedding planning crime my mom, me and my sister. another photo by Megan Resch

Tracy tried to win a dream wedding using a special combination.
Nicole talking to my favorite florist in Las Vegas Enchanted Florist, not only do they have amazing floral designs they are a business with a conscience! They sell my custom card designs which all of the proceeds go to my breast cancer fund raising! They also run a very environmentally conscious business.
My wonderful sister Chrissy who is a Body Shop at home consultant meeting and greeting a possible new client.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

When I got home from work today I realized I forgot to take my photo of the day. I really wanted to take something specific. Yikes now what do I do???

The back story

We had G week in my classroom this week, so last night I decided I should take my guitar in so the kids could see it. Well since I have been playing for less then a year I don't have a big repertoire so my husband asked "what are you going to play?" I replied "I don't know I guess I will just strum." So my wonderful husband pulled out one of his music books and taught me a song last night then I made pictures and grabbed a prop so it would be really cool for the kids. This morning I woke up and tried to remember the words my mind came back BLANK! I went in grabbed my guitar and it just came to me. Much to my husbands amusement and pride (he is my teacher) I was in their rehearsing the whole thing with my kids including my intro how I would redirect behavior while still strumming EVERYTHING was rehearsed this morning. When I got to school everything went great and the kids loved singing "Akin Drum" and participated to the best of their ability, the afternoon class even asked for me to play more. Yikes kids I only know this song from memory so I played it again at the end of the day. I have played one other time for my class in September but I rehearsed a lot and made many mistakes this time it was more fun and relaxed, I am so happy that my lessons and daily (almost) practices are paying off! It was really exciting to have the skills now to put something together and PLAY!

The Solution
Okay back to the photo of the day I forgot to take a picture so when I got home I asked my hubby to take a good picture, he was struggling so I told him to get artsy here are a few of his shots. I think he did GREAT!!!

One of his first shots
Fun angle
He went into manual mode and with direction was playing with the depth of field
A little play with a slow aperture here ( I told you he got artsy and was having some fun.)
Just a fun shot
A slow shutter speed. He was trying to catch the movement in the strings.
THANKS HUNNY FOR THE CREATIVE SHOTS AND THE QUICK LESSON AND ENCOURAGEMENT I am a very lucky girl to have a wonderful husband who supports my teaching, hobbies and good karma (he played the song with the kids at his school at about the same time I was playing to send good karma my way!)

A note about the pictures they were taken in our music room in the background the beautiful quilt you see was a wedding gift from my wonderfully talented friend Gwen.