Friday, May 18, 2012

Taking the Road Less Traveled

In March I went to Overton via the scenic route for a scrapbook retreat with my mom, aunt, and friend Kim.  I took North Shore RD highway 169, along the edges of Lake Mead.  It was a beautiful spring day to drive with the sun roof open music blasting and stopping whenever I wanted to take a picture.  I highly recommend taking the long way somewhere and enjoy the process of getting there.


 I only passed 2 cars the entire drive so I was able to get low to the road for this picture.
 Lake Mead
 In my rush to take the road less traveled I forgot to grab my suitcase for the weekend.  Ehhhh who needs clothes?  At least we were staying at our firmed Kim's house and she was able to help me out.

Zoe is ONE

A very fun 1st birthday shoot with Zoe (I did her mommies maternity shoot HERE.) We met at Sunridge park and had a great time playing in the sunshine.  (Pardon the order my blog has been very cranky with me lately!)

 Mommy has been surfing Pintrest and brought a few props for extra fun.  Feel free to pin any of these pictures.

Tracy made these adorable letters.
 Mommy brought a giant cupcake that we let Zoe dive into YUM!

 Just a little more!
 Before the cake we took a few pretty shots in one of her birthday dresses.
 On the run!
 Zoe loved my camera here she is running for the pointed the lens  pointed at her (that was quite a challenge during the cupcake pictures = )

 After the cupcake we thought we were all done and Tracy and I were just chatting when little Miss Zoe turned the cuteness back on!
 If You Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands
 My very favorite one!
Thank you Tracy for selecting me to capture this stage of your families lives.