Friday, February 25, 2011

Gwen and Ron

I had a great time doing an Engagement Shoot (squeaaaaaal) for my friend Gwen her handsome fiance Ron. We headed up to Mt Charleston where they will be married in July. It was such a pleasure to play in the snow with this wonderful couple.

I love the humor between these two!

And the tender sweetness!

I love this ONE!
Thank you Gwen and Ron for letting me play with you two!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

Today I picked up my first Bountiful Basket. It is a food co-op I spent $15 and got all of this yummy food. I may need your help with ideas on what something is and how to cook/eat it.

Neatly lined up one fruit and one veggie basket each!

The Veggies

Yellow Squash, I can't wait to grill this up and eat it over couscous! Any other ideas?
Nice small potatoes
I think this is cabbage not ice berg it is a little thicker then iceberg. I don't know if I like cabbage any ideas on how to prepare it in a yummy way?
Spinich, mmm wraps here I come!
Any ideas what this is? I heard someone say a sunchock??? How do I prepare this HELP!!!!!!!
A closer look (I know it is not ginger)
Fruits (no group picture I accidentally deleted it oops!)
Strawberries these will make yummy snacks and maybe go on cottage cheese
Bananas (they need to ripen a bit!)
Mangos besides a smoothies any tips on eating a mango????
Dainty little pears they are so small!
Apples Yum!
Oranges they started it all, last week a friend brought a few to work and gave me one and they were so sweet next thing I know I was joining a co-op of produce yumminess!
Cantaloupe Lucy is excited for this one!

No I do not plan on photographing every piece of produce I buy! I am working on a challenge and these fir the challenge so I was playing with y camera a bit.

Here is the website if you are curious check it out

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finally project 365 printed

I finally printed the pages from my Photo a Day project 2009. That's right I took a picture everyday (well almost!)

The Cover (I printed this 12x12 album at
Look how small my year is!
A month at a glance. The layout were uploaded into
Shutterfly this is not their template.
As you can see I kept journaling short and sweet.
In review it was an interesting year to choose when I started I can promise I did not think this is the year: DH would stop smoking, our family would get smaller, Health would change our lifestyle, I would change jobs, Lucy would Kayak, and so much more. I did know I would see 3 friends get married, Sydney would grow up, and we would go on a few music adventures.

I would love to say I would do this every year but I am not there yet but I will try to do it every 2-3 years.