Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Concert Trip

The only picture of the two of us from the trip I will explain it at the end of the post!

A few weekends ago we were able to go see our favorite artist preform in two shows. First we went to Acoustic Music San Diego for an amazing show full of new songs. Although I have seen David preform many times I always walk away amazed at his amazing guitar skills and awesome ability to create works of art with words and notes. It is fun to try to replicate sounds on my guitar, not that I get anywhere near it something about vastly different skill levels but it gives me something to strive towards.

I love this venue it is a beautiful old mission style Church that a group Acoustic Music San Diego uses!

One of my favorite things to do in San Diego is a yummy meal at the Old Town Cafe. The chips and salsa is AMAZING paired with a yummy mango margarita pure HEAVEN!

The second night we saw David play again at McCabes Guitar shop. On the way up to Santa Monica we stopped at Venice Beach, and were able to see the famous Muscle beach. This guy was very cool he played with a waist pack amp while roller blading along the board walk, again a skill set I do not possess!

A beach preformer. I am notsure if he ever did anything we stood watching his pre show for 10+ minutes.

A man made of gold and his dog! Neither the man or dog even wiggled.
Every time we go to So.Cal I love visiting the beach. The sail boats were beautiful!

Working out on the beach not me of course but we did get to eat some healthy food ad a long walk!
Even kids got into the action
Push ups anyone

McCabe's is an amazing guitar shop that has concerts in the back. It is so inspiring hearing great acoustics music while being surrounded by great instruments. Here is the stage waiting for the show that night.

Max found what looked like an amazing guitar and was testing it out. Unfortunately the sound was a bit off, he was so disappointed it had many features he had been looking for among a few Taylor, T5, Limited, Sunken Rosewood, and a wife that said "Buy it Honey."

Driving home we stopped for coffee and sandwiches in Barstow and parked next to this beauty it totally reminded me of one of my favorite David Wilcox songs "Rusty Old American Dream" see him preform it here
I really liked the look of the rust on this beauty!
Max took this one
Overall a great weekend with our favorite things Music, and Photos!

Mother's Day

We celebrated Mother's Day at my Auntie Patties house with our annual BBQ. Billy was missed this year. Here is brief review through pictures.

Auntie Pattie with her boys

Sydney was so excited about the "salad" aka the lettuce for the burgers.Mom and her girls and Sydney and her girl
This mothers day was about special gifts. Moms favorite card came from Max who made this beautifl card with a surprise inside.
Remeber my post months ago about taking Sydney to the pottery shop to paint. Here she is giving her mommy her first hand made gift.
My wonderful dad the BBQ master!
Sydney and I had a great time playing in her water table. She loved pouring water on my head saying "LuLu shower"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Willow Beach

This weekend we made it down to the river (it had been since last September.) On Sunday's there are no boats allowed that combined with lots of "Dam" traffic we got down to Willow Beach late in the day, this lead to a very quite paddle we only saw 2 other people the entire time! While the winds were strong blowing up river making the water rough and the paddle down river very difficult it was still an awesome evening doing what we love, together! I can'twait for many more paddle up river this year!

The view from our favorite little rest stop (it is so hidden we have never seen anyone else there!)

Max and I paddling back as the day was ending!
Me in the cave
The setting sun up river these were small swells, there were a few times when I hit a wave 1/2 my boat would come out of the water.
The constuction of the Dam bypass bridge, it is so pretty but hard to capture while driving whopping speeds fo 3-5 mph!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Swimmming Lessons

My Mom has been taking Sydney to Swimming lessons. She asked me to come along one day to capture the fun they have. Afterwards I headed to the Hood House to help Chrissy pack up the scrapbook/craft space. She needed help deciding what goes into the Packrat while they live temporarily with Auntie Patty, and begin their house hunt

The focus sucks on this one I was playing with the natural lighting but I love the moment captured.

At the end of the lesson the kids played 3 little ducks and splashed into the water, it was so cute!Sydney was very content to make sure her head did not go under (the focus of the activity)

I love the relaxed look on my moms face trying to give some of that to the stiff I am not floating on my back princess.

Getting out to do her favorite activity.

SLIIIDDDE she is so cute she fills her hands up with water to wet down the slide before each turn, but while waiting all of the water has dripped out.
I love the concentration on her face and tongue

Having fun at Bubbles Swim School, as you can tell Ms. Sydney work hard and is a little tired and cold.

Happy Memorial Day

Last Wednesday I was driving and listening to Maya Angelo's radio show. She was talking to Veteran's and their impact on the society around them along with how they were helping other veterans. I almost cried at a few of the stories, and fears of some of these solders of there trials and tribulations upon returning home. While I may not agree with the decisions that have placed our armed forces in war time situations I am very grateful for the sacrifices that the soldiers and their families make in order to protect my freedoms.

Thank you!

As I pulled into my neighborhood I saw the following scene in the park next to the elementary school. It looked like 5th graders in a Civil War reenactment. Now that is a history lesson to remember!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cool Moon

We went kayaking May 10th in the evening. As we were paddeling out from our favorite spot we were struck by how low the water was. We padled over to a new spot of land and enjoyed a picnic dinner then fished for a little bit. As we were cleaning up Max pointed over the mountain and asked "what is over that mountian." I looked at the glowing light he saw and replied "the dam" just then the moon rose over the mountians. My little point and shoot does not do it justice but it was so huge, bright, close and AMAZING. It was a very special moment to spend together on the water and as the moon rose it just kept getting better!

The land mass closing off this cove was below water on April 18th!
Peeking out

A little shaky but you can still see the pretty rise

The moon has risen

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Okay so this post may have no order but what is importnat is sharing the beautiful pictures and memories of our families Easter at my Grandma's house. We all gathered and enjoyed watching the little kids hunt for eggs and bond. Then we wnjoyed a very yummy Easter dinner together as a family. I love these special moment with my family.

Threy helping Jayden find eggs
The little cousins and cousins children Trey, Macy, Sydney, Brandon, Jayden
Brandon and Jayden on the hunt
Grandpa (my dad) helping Sydney find eggs. Notice all the momma in the backgroudn with cameras
Awww how cute are Sydney and Macy
Oh yess they get cuter!
Great Grandma giving Sydney her prize for winning the Easter egg hunt
Jayden filling his basket with Sydney's eggs. Jayden is helping Macy count hers in the background.
Sydeny checking out her eggs
Macy the super counter counting her eggs how did she get so big and smart?
Ahh a bug oh wait it is just Tom in his sexy sunglasses.