Friday, November 30, 2007

Becky G's Family

I was very lucky to do family pictures of Becky G's Family on Mount Charleston. I was lucky enough to have some insider information on a few great spots for pictures since this is where I got married. The family was so much fun and full of energy. Before I met up with the family I enjoyed a quiet drive around the mountain, listening to some backlogged podcasts. When I arrived at the lodge I enjoyed a few minutes at the bar with a yummy hot chocolate watching football.

The G family having fun together!
Emma was so cute and trying hard to be good but as you can see in her droopy eyes she was not feeling her best.

What kind of ice cream does this tree smell like? Becky thought I was just pulling Emma's leg to get a cute picture of a tree (since I was using many of my preschool teacher skills.) I was actually using my good old camp counselor skills and sharing the secret of the ice cream trees. They really do smell like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and even the rare butterscotch.
Even when your sick how can you resist having fun on the mountain?
I love Emma's look in this picture
Having fun running around with mommy
Emma Kissing Grandpa, she was tickled pink to be almost as tall as him.
Becky's romantic and very adorable parents

Monday, November 26, 2007

This year we celebrated thanksgiving at my Grandma's house (isn't she cute!)
It was a small holiday just of our family grandma and grandpa, Nancy and Fred Hood (Chrissy's in laws, and Billy's roommates. I did not take many pictures I spent most of my time in the kitchen helping before dinner and washing dishes afterwards. Max my wonderful hubby took the pictures and did a wonderful job (the only ones I took were the ham pictures of Sydney.) I was so happy he captured so many of the special family traditions. It was nice to spend a nice holiday with the family and planning our Black Friday shopping.

Me mashing potatoes with grandma making sure everything was flowing smoothly.

Daddy in green and Uncle mike carving the meats.
Billy popping the cork of the Mer-lot with the old school wine cork (it is a good thing he saw how that thing was used in one of his wine books.)
Grandpa prepping the eggnogs for the toast be careful of the nails! If Grandpa ever asks you if you want you with a spike beware he means a rail road spike.
The Gravy Girls ! Chrissy made her first gravey ever, and was so worried it was not thickening up fast enough.Chrissy's Turkey gravy
Mom, Sydney, and Tom getting ready to eat.
Who needs baby food I want the HAM!!!!!!
Got it (Grandpa Hood took it away before she got to taste it.)
Sydney and Grandpa Hood playing
Sydney and DaddyPlaying with Grandma Hood

Sunday, November 25, 2007


Last Tuesday the Hood's invited the family to Sydney's first Hockey game. We had a great time cheering on the team and playing pass the baby. The most fun though was participating in the chuck the puck game, I am not sure if mom and I are allowed back to the arena. While she lacked distance I had distance but had a serious issue with direction. When I realized my puck was headed 2 sections to the left I quickly grabbed the baby and looked innocent.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Loves

MY dear sister was complaining that I had not posted anything new. Well I have been busy taking lots of fun pictures.

I love love love the Loves. The kids were so cute and well behaved. Xavier kept me hopping as he had fun hiding in all of the tubes. What a fun way to spend a sunny afternoon after work. Mom and grandma told the kids they were at the park for pictures, when I arrived I told them to go play. They were so happy and had a blast in the slides. I used restraint and posted jut a couple. These kiddos were just to cute!

The Family

Look at that smile!
Cheese!She will never find me here
You found me!
Sliding is so much fun, look at that tounge!
Giggling on the slide

The Taylors

Chrissy showed a few co-workers the family shots I did for her family and a couples others have asked me to shoot their family.

These shots are of the Taylors are a hilarious and spunky family. I had a great time capturing their family moments. I had fun shooting way more then I planned and laughing at the silly faces and antics of the family.

The family in the beautiful front garden

The BoysShe Started it!

How can you not be a fun family with parents like these?

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cookie Day

During Veterans Day weekend all of the grandkids and great grandkids met at grandmas to make Christmas cookies. This year we made sugar cookies, candy canes, interpretive wreathes (Trey and Brandon5, and 6 years old were in charge and they did their own adorable thing!) and of course Russian Tea cakes my favorite. After cookie making the kids played out side while the mommies chatted and everyone ate pizza. This year it was weird to see the grandkids helping their own children participate in this special tradition. I enjoyed helping out and giving the moms a little break while the boys had a blast making cookies. Thank you grandma for all of the work you put into making this tradition special for all of us!

Trey's Special wreaths

Chrystal and her daughter ally rolling out sugar cookiesMommy we need sprinkles!
Sydney's first cookie day
Brandon Candy Cane Super Star, thanks to the great snakes he was able to roll!
Pretty cookies
Macy getting help from daddy
Paul Fixing Ally's hair. Yup thats right Paul puts ina mean barrette.
Ally Playing outside
Best friends Bryce and Brandon rolling cookies. These two were my cookie making super stars.