Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Max and I went to Omha Nebraska for our first anniversary.
To see him.
Who is this? This is David Wilcox a favorite musician. He is an amazing folk singer who is amazing with not only lyrics but also with the guitar. Max has been following him for years and introduced his music to me when we started dating. I am very lucky to have been exposed to his music. Since the first anniversary gift is traditionally the gift of paper we wanted to give tickets. We had decided that we wanted to see him on our first anniversary no matter where he was playing, and that is how we ended up in Omaha, NE. We were very lucky because this was a very special concert He was preforming in a very small church with Carrie Newcomer they basically held a conversation through their music and talking, it felt like we were in a living room peeping in. It was a truly unique and special concert for a very special day. *I was very happy with the fact I could being my camera to THIS concert to capture it!

Day one we flew in when we arrived at the airport we both realized we were starving so we asked around for a good good place to eat and several people recommended the Upstream. We headed down town to the Upstream Brewery for an amazing meal everything was made from scratch, it is a good thing I do not live here or I may eat at the Upstream daily. The upstream is in an old fire station and is a beautiful old brick building. Then we headed to our nice hotel.

Day two After a very lazy start and figuring out what we wanted to see we headed out to the Lauritzen Botanical Gardens. I figured it would be a great way to see fall colors and enjoy a relaxed afternoon outdoors. We were surprised at how big the gardens were and how many cool plants and flowers there were, among other attractions. There was a rose garden that was decorated with old architecture from Omaha buildings. It was so cool to see some of those details up close.
The coolest part though was the train display. They had tons of Large trains running though the trees and had build downtown Omaha in natural materials. We should have planned an extra hour or so for this part alone. Max was so cute watching the trains trying to get the perfect pictures. Although he does not like being in the picture he does take a great photo. The colors were amazing and walking through the gardens and paths was very romantic. I am so lucky to married to a wonderful man who will go to a garden with me.

After the gardens we headed to the the Old Market area downtown. There were tons of great shops and galleries in the Old Market. I love seeing the local art. I was really shocked at how hip this area of town was it reminded me of downtown Denver. While we were shopping we asked around for somewhere great to eat our anniversary dinner. We asked about 15 people total and they all listed the Upstream in the top 3 places so we decided to go back and try great steaks there. We were again delighted with yummy treats. Let me tell you they have the best cheese and beer soup EVER! We also enjoyed a sampling of all of their beers, it was a yummy alternative to a bottle of wine.
While shopping I learned the power of an anniversary trip when I looked at a beautiful bracelet when I asked my hubby how it looked he turned to the lady and said "Box it up please." Then we headed back to the hotel to watch a little bit of the world series. When we go back Max wanted me to take a bath I was a little confused and finally relented, next to the tub I found a little corked bottle. Inside the bottle was a wonderful card/message (he is so romantic!)

Day 3 Our Anniversary- We had a lazy morning again and I gave Max his a card a mini scrapbook of favorite memories of the year. We decided to see the Lewis and Clark exhibit and landing. After a hike through the park we could not find it, finally we asked directions and went to the huge National Park building only to find it was open Monday-Friday. Bummed out we grabbed our guide book and I let Max pick something to do and we headed to Iowa to the HUGE Bass pro shops. YES WE SPENT OUR ANNIVERSARY AT BASS! We had lunch at a great fish place attached to Bass. We ate some random food there Alligator appetizer, buffalo burgers, and yummy deserts (I had a chocolate chip cookie in a cast iron pan with ice cream on top.) Then we had fun at the shooting range, buying presents for the girls (our dogs) and laughing at how different this Bass is from ours at home, I bet all the hunting stuff actually gets used here! I know that this is not typical but is was very fun!
After Bass we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the concert (described above.) It was funny though after the concert people realized we where the "anniversary couple from Vegas" it was nice they gave us many warm wishes. Then back to the hotel for the night.

Day 4 Nothing exciting excapt for the comedy of errors by me. First I realized I forgot to set the TV to record the Steelers game would be missing ooops, then when we got to the airport the ticket agent told us they were about to start boarding "WHAT we were there 2 hours early???" oooops I accidentally read the landing time not hte departing time. Luckily we did make our flight. We had a lay over in Pheonix that was VERY rough on my tummy and I spent the 2 hours trying to make my tummy stop spinning. Finally we were off to Vegas and arrived home safely.

Overall it was a great trip with an opportunity to remember our first year together and to be excited about our next 80 together.


I hope you are having a great holiday of spooky fun. I hope you are enjoying laughing at my picture, remember laughter burns calories so I helping you burn off all of those candy calories. My students and I dressed up for a school costume parade.

The best part of my day was when I came home my loving hubby dressed the girls (my beagles) up in their costumes the Super Dogs, they both had paper towel capes.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More Fishing Fun

Yesterday Max and I went to Bass Pro Shop and bought me a fishing pole (he also got a new pole) since I have such fun the first time we went fishing. We had talked about waking up at 4 am to go fishing (I thought we were joking around.) Boy was I surprised when I woke up to go potty at 4:20am and there was my hubby making coffee and filling up water bottles. He was so excited to go fishing so I woke up fully thanks to a big cup of coffee and we headed out to the lake.

Max was so excited when his pole jerked about and dove for the pole knocking over his coffee. He was thrilled as he started to pull on the line and a beast was pulling back. Here he is with his huge fish, it was very heavy. The sunrise was so pretty well worth waking up at 4 am.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Holly and Shaun

I love taking pictures!!! This weekend I was lucky enough to take pictures of not only my sisters family but my friend Holly's growing family. She is 6 mo. pregnant with twins. Thank you Holly and Shaun for letting me capture this special time of your lives.

Proud parents to be
Growing belly
She is so Happy!

Getting ready for two

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The Hood's

Today I was able to take family portraits of my lovely sisters family. I loved capturing the family and their interests. It was easy to take these though since my niece is so darn adorable.
This is a family that really loves hockey notice the daddy and baby hockey sticks and the net background.
A few random shots of my gorgeous niece have I mentioned that I thinks she is just a cutie patootie!

My and the beautiful Miss Sydney

Monday, October 15, 2007

Crop-Tastic Weekend

This past weekend I went to California with my mom and our friend Kim. My aunt Pat hosted a wonderful weekend of scrapping, laughing, shopping, a drink or two, junk food eating, and memory sharing. We played fun games and my aunt taught a great class. I can't believe she has only been scrapping for a few months she hosted the weekend like a pro.

I heard so many wonderful stories on my mom's side of the family and the two of them sorted through pictures. One of my favorite parts was the early morning and lat night chit chats.

I would share more but a promise was made what happens in Simi stays in Simi!

Mom, Me, Auntie Patti
Happy Shoppers and Scrappers
(after a few hours of scrapping a field trip was needed)
A quiet moment in the scrap room, formerly the living room
Wrapping up scrapping on Saturday
(Ann's great bartending skills are starting to show)
Welcome home
(I love my hubby he met me at the airport with a rose!)

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Great time with my sister and niece

Monday I was able to go shopping with my wonderful sister and hang out with my sweet niece Sydney. After shopping we headed back to my house and took a little photo shoot, I can't believe how big she is getting.
Mommy and me
Look it's my foot, why is there a shoe on it????
I love being an aunt!

Wildlife at the lake and more

While fishing I had fun playing with my camera and finding animals and just interesting things. I used the manual modes , it was fun to play with what my camera can really do.

Pretty Duck
Swimming Ducks


Crane (it was huge)

Worms of course
Kayak (a group was getting ready to launch from our first spot )
Canoe Beach
Random hunk of Metal that was at the bottom of the lake at some point