Friday, September 25, 2009

House Party

Chrissy and Tom are on their way to being homeowners. To celebrate their offer being accepted tehy threw a small dinner party that turned into afancy dinner all the girls wore dress. They were both smiling ear to ear ready to take this next step.

Check out this fancy dinner set up!

Chrissy hand made the napkin rings

Part of getting a house is making many decorating decsions they invited us to help and had voting slips out along with carpet, paint and tile samples.

Here Max and Chrissy are discussing carpet colors.

Mom and dad placing their votes
Tom Grilled delcious steaks with his special maranaide on them.
Sydney having fun outside spinning

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This past weekend was the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in Long Beach. I chose not to walk for a couple of reasons including busy wedding season that woud have made fundraising a travel difficult (I thought.) Well due to some surprise twists in life I found myself in Long Beach on Saturday for the morning. During the morning I sent my teamates text messages and tried to keep track of their locations. Maureen and Jean were finishing lunch when we drove up I yelled their names then we turned the corner and parked I got out of the car to see them running my way, they were shocked to see me. I walked about a half mile with Jean, we were so distracted talking I forgot to take a picture of her.

Here I am cheering at Seal Beach for random walkers while Max ordered lunch.

Maureen and I, several of my family and friends helped Maureen reach her goal she was so greatful for the generosity of so many strangers to her during this very tough year. THANK YOU!

Also at the rest stop I saw the big ice truck Evan jumped out for a big hug. Evan is Maureen's son he has crewed several years in a row and his hair style is a site to see every year.

I was on the phone with Diane asking shere she was when I saw Mike in his beautiful pink hard hat (remember flat mike from last year)
When we spotted Diane and Todd I yelled at Max to park he grabbed the first spot he saw and I hopped out and caught up with them chatting for a few minutes, expalining my presence.

Saying goodbye to Diane and Todd

As I was cheering in Seal Beach I spotted this cute couple. I would have loved to have walked but was very happy that the stars lined up andI was able to cheer the amazing walkers on!A few ranom shots Max was shopping at a toy store while I was cheering and walking with teamates.
Our hotel advertised lake views I am not quiet sure if this qualifies as a lake.
“It is not enough to take steps which may some say lead to a goal; each step must be itself a goal and a step likewise” Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Growing Galey's

About 2 years ago I did a maternity shoot with Holly and her wonderful husband Shaun. They were expecting twins.
I did a faimly shoot with her adorable 1.5 year olds, it was quite a challenge to try to get a good family shoot her son was not in the mood and kept walking away. Here is one of the better shots.They were not to worried though since.....
Yep thats right they have a little boy on the way. As you can see we had fun playing with mommy.
I love this one
How precious is this picture??? I love the smiles
I love this picture when Holly asked "Where is the baby?" she flipped up her shirt and pointed to her belly. As you can see by the escaping toddler behind them how focused on the family pictures the boys were LOL I walked in the door and her son spotted my bag of blocks he had a blast playing.
While we were taking pictures he wondered away picked up a rock and walked all the way accross the field to return the rock to its place. It was so precious how serious he was.
I love this smile
I will end with a bit of reality with twins. Do you think they will grow extra arms with the new baby?????

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Another Blog from Lucy

Hi It’s Lucy again! I guess I am taking over my mommies blog since she has not been posting lately, well maybe that is my fault she has been spending all of her time spoiling ME!!!!! Here are some of our latest adventures.

On the way to some of our adventures I get to wear hats, how cute am I! I am still trying to convice Lu that I need goggles! Max Thinks I need a Steelers baseball hat.
For years my humans get in the truck and go places without me lately they have let me come along. We have had time shopping at the District. My favorite store is Flea Bags Bakery they have the best doggie muffins. My humans have been eating at Pannera Bread so they can eat outside with me. I like it to when they bring the people food outside the runner always offers me a bowl of water. I told you this place is great! Then we go walking it is fun looking in all of the shop windows and meeting all of the other dogs walking their humans. They even have special places for me to do my duty.

I have also been working on my kayaking skills I am becoming a better passenger and can now balance with my paws up on the bow. It is great when Lu paddles fast or the wind blows at us I can get both of my ears flying in the wind. Saturday I tried to keep it up and as the boat turned I moved my paws for a better angle I almost walked right into the river oops. Thank goodness for my handle and Lu’s fast reactions!

Last week we were headed back to shore when Max noticed this big things drinking from the river. The humans called them Big Horn Sheep you really have to look for them they blend right into the mountains. I was really good and watched them I did not even bark, Max told me that would scare them. Then I jumped into Max’s boat (I told you I am getting better at this) so Lu could take pictures.

I am so lucky to have humans that take me out on these adventures. But I must admit that I was glad they went back to work after the long weekend all this activity is making me a VERY TIRED PUPPY!
One last picture of Max relaxing!