Sunday, October 18, 2015

TJ is 4

My adorable nephew is 4 years old!  We had fun doing a shoot at Town Square.  He is full of personality as your can see!

 That LIP!
 The Robot Dance

 A little behind the scenes look.

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Renaissance Faire 2015

My husband is in the early music group, Early Music LasVegas.  I was invited to follow them at the renaissance faire this weekend.  I also had the opportunity to get a glimpse into a few kingdoms, along with a special invitation to the joust.  Enjoy a look into my weekend!

The garb is so beautiful!

I am in love with this picture!

Playing for the kingdom

How cute is this family

 The court at the joust

The horses view

Special note always be aware of where the live stock is, this handsome fellow almost licked my camera.

The group traveled to other kingdoms 

I love tiny houses how cute is this house!

Making beautiful music.

 The queen is pleased.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Welcome to the world Erina!  She is a whopping 11 days old in these pictures. We had fun playing with many family treasures and memories as backdrops and props. She had so much fun she did not want to sleep for most of the shoot.  Be prepared for cuteness overload!

The textiles are mommy and daddy wedding clothes.

Who doesn't love a little daddy daughter moment.

 Those little hands!

Mommy's favorite season FALL!

a note about the next two from Erina-
"My big brother Ryan saw me holding Daddy's badge so he ran to his room and brought me his badge to hold.  I think he is going to be a pretty awesome big brother!"

The background is Grandma's sari and this dress was my aunts.

Ryan the awesome big brother messing around during feeding time. 


Thank you Kelli and Bobbie for letting me capture this fleeting moment in time!