Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happiness is

Happiness is....

Chilling out on the couch under my comfy quilt made by a friend as a wedding gift, reading a book on my Christmas gift (love you hubby,) with my warm Lucy curled up between my legs, while listening to a concert. I don't think life gets much better!

Thank you Hubby for snapping this picture of my perfect afternoon today!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Great Photography Giveaway Video

Rember back in my when I participated in the Great Photography give away with Holly and her amazing family? click here to refresh your memory. Well I was just one of of 150 photographers to participate, on Becky Higgins blog she has a video of some of the images check 1:07 it may look familiar.
Check it out here

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sydney part 2

I forgot to add these images. Here is just a little more cuteness

THis is one of my favorite the off shoulder shirt make it so her!
There was a lady watching and she was yelling I am a cute princess, as she should all of her Top Model moves.!


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This weekend I kidnapped for a little photo shoot and an adventure, I can't share the details of our adventure but I will after Christmas. I took her up to Lake Las Vegas armed with 3 changes of clothes, and a 3 year old full of SASSY. We had a great time and Sydney was a great sport.

A quiet moment watching the sun set on part of the lake
Check out the energy
MMMMM and that yummy smile!
While shooting I was telling Sydney to hurry because the sun was going to go away including hurrying to a special spot to watch it disappear. As you can see she was very excited as she amused a couple walking by, as she was yelling "There it Goes, Goodbye Sun"
Playing in the fountain
This shoot also served as her Christmas pictures. I did not know this huge tree would be out there but it was a very happy accident!
Isn't she adorable!

I am a very lucky Aunt to have such a happy niece to spend an afternoon with!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Hood's 2010

I was lucky enough to go hiking at Red Rock with my sister and her family. We had so much fun and I took a million pictures well maybe not a million but more than normal here are just a few of my favorites.

Sydney- Look how big she is getting!
Chrissy and Tom

Sydney wants to say hi to all of my blog readers.

Getting silly together

Mommy and Me

Daddy and Me

Daddy keeps me warm
My favorite Big Girl Niece Sydney can you believe she is 3.5
She is full of energy

and smiles
Chrissy my beautiful sister
Tom my handsome brother in law
I snuck this one while we were driving back

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Galey's 2010

This past weekend I was lucky enough to do a family photo shoot of my friend Holly and her family at Lone Mountain Park. It was quite a challenge to capture their family of 5.

I have followed Holly and Shaun (and so have some of you) as their family has grown.
and now they are a family of 5.
Holly blogs her adventures of being a mommy to twins and a one year old. Check it out here!

Holly and Shaun
The Challenge get 2 TWO year olds, 1 ONE year old, and 2 parents to stay in one spot and look at the camera.

I gave the older the kids the job of finding pretty rocks to give to mom and dad so they would stay in the frame.

My two favorites
Umm all 3 kids are in the picture. How do Holly and Shaun do it?
I love the look Ace is giving Daddy!
Dawson chilling out!
Mommy and Ky
Daddy and Dawson
Mommy and Dawson
Daddy, Dawson, and Ace chilling out!
Thank you Galey's for letting me capture your morning in the park. I can't wait until next time, and seeing the kids grow up!