Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sorry no pictures of the ceremony I was in the wedding and my camera did not fit in my bouquet! Tracy's family arranged for many personalized surprises to the wedding activities. When the bride and groom exited the church friends and family showered them not with the bubbles Tracy planned but instead a mix of bubbles and mini foam personalized rugby balls.

Another surprise was how the wedding party would get from the ceremony to the reception. This is how!
Each couple rode in Jeeps (Tracy's dream car) Each jeep was decorated and came with drink service. We drove through Loweville announcing the happy event.


The beautiful couple! At the Tug Hill Vineyard
Okay not the best picture of the new couple but check out the amazing background. While taking pictures in between shivering (I will take this moment to digress and apologize to everyone especially my sister who froze at our wedding!) We noticed the vineyard dogs ummmm messing around, inspiring the couple .... you pick your sassy comment there are so many!
Tomorrow that last post of my trip the reception

Friday, October 9, 2009

Getting Ready

I don't think I have ever had so much fun getting ready for something before. We started at the hair salon owned by Tracy's aunt (I think.) It was the cutest shop! They had mimosas ready for us upon arrival.
I love this picture of Sharon (Noah's mom) getting her make up done. I told you the shop was cute!

Tracy in Make-up

Jenni doing her make up

Fishy Face
Tracy's moms feet- She know only two toes would show in her shoes so that is all she painted!

Tracy I love this look!The real hair style
Messing around in the church basement
Getting Dressed
Tracy and I
The mini crisis of the wedding:
Tracy's Mom forgot to bring some critical parts of her outfit and had to drive home (in the next town) You can see the concern on both her and her dad's face as they consider how late she will be and whether or not she will get a ticket.
Tracy's sister waiting with Mom's dress in hand
A beautiful change of roles Tracy helping her mom get dressed

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Old and New

This is a two part post.

A little know fact about me is that I am very interested in the Amish lifestyle. Tracy and I had talked in the past about how she grew up in a small town in fact it was so small her neighbor was Amish. Well despite knowing this I have to say I was shocked when I turned onto her street to be greeted by this sign.

They were not joking!
Later in the day I saw a group of 15+ Amish children walking home from school. I have to admit this was really exciting to me. I refrained from taking more pictures out of respect (the Amish do not like having their photo taken) it was hard though since there were so many opportunities.
I had to laugh on Sunday when I saw this parking spot at Wendy's notice the bucket on top of the sign.
When I arrived on Friday and knew I had a little extra time I stopped at a road side stand for an apple and chocolate pie (a home made soft Oreo cookie!) Here are some pumpkins at the stand. While at the stand I chatted fora few minutes with the young Amish woman running the stand and was struck with how normal she was, and how normal the Amish community is the the NY community.
Nestled into the hills in the Lowville area are 120 windmills. I loved the juxtaposition of old and new. Each one, called a wind turbine, is 320 feet tall, about the same height as Big Ben in London or the same length as the football field at Giants Stadium.
While some may think these are eyesores I found them to be beautiful! Even more beautiful is the fact that wind is not hurting the environment, it provides income to the town. In fact they were building a new huge school and it seemed this small farming community was healthy as opposed to many struggling small towns. Heck I would let one of these beauties to be put on my land. Standing under this beast I was surprised at how quiet it was.
A beautiful site to me of energy freedom!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rehersal and Dinner

Oh yeah I went to NY for a wedding I did not forget. The rehearsal was held at the church and then there was an amazing feast of food at Tracy parents house for dinner. Her family was so friendly and full of hospitality

Excitement was in the air at Tracy's childhood home. Here are her parents marking the house for the party.
At the rehearsal dinner they had a table with the married hall of fame
The girls at the church (many of these pictures are thanks to Noah's mom)
See I told you I was an angel check out that heavenly glow
Mom and dad practicing their good bye
The boys
decorating the church
Groomsmen relaxing by the fire
Tracy's grandma saw me with the camera and asked me not to take her picture I promised her I would take a great picture or no picture! This one met her approval
Having fun
Tracy and I
Tracy what is with that face???
Noah giving his dad his gift
At the end of the evening her former room ate Vee asked to see the dress.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


As many of you know fall is my favorite season. I am in love withthe changing seasong and the brightly colored leaves. Living in Vegas I don't get to see falls beauty very often. I was so delighted to see the colors starting to change in NY I took just a few pictures of natures beauty as it slips into fall.

Does this picture make anyone else want to sing Country Roads from John Denver
Love the daisy's of summer with the changing leaves (this was taken in the apple orchard)
There were rolls of hay everywhere along with corn fields being cut down
Berries drying on the vine
Look at this yellow
I did not notice this little guy until after I took the picture and check my picture and was shocked to see him crawling around
Beautiful berries these berries were in our bouquets but I left mine on the table grrr.

Me walking among the leaves
So pretty
Perfect picture for me cows and color!
This creek was along my drive on Sunday it was so pretty and the creek bed was big slabs of slate I have never seen that before.
more color
Love how this tree was green on one side and orange on the other. Is this normal?

So pretty
Tracy's street I turned on to it ans was amazed at how pretty it was.