Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

I love the 4th of July!!! It is a wonderful low key way to gather as a family. Our family traditions involve a pool party and Tom and Joan BBQ pot luck mmmmm, there were many healthy and just plain yummy options this year. It was so much fun playing in the water escaping the heat and catching up with family. We are so lucky to have the freedom to gather together to celebrate our nations birthday. Thank you to all of those in the present and past who have fought for this freedom.

Dad, mom, Tom, Brooke, Chrissy, and Sydney enjoying the front yard fireworks show.
Brook and Macy showing off there sparkler skills.
The older boys escaped the heat inside for a bit playing rock band.
Sydney looking up to Grandpa Rainford
Uncle Tom and Aunt Sharon
The neighbors showed off their choreographed sparkler skills. I thin the youngest person in this group was about 65.
The girls playing in the pool Aunt Teresa in the background, Mom (Lisa), Sydney, Me, Chrissy
Me and Sydney look how tiny she was last year in the photo below.

Teresa and her daughter Brooke Teresa was a pro gymnast.
Uncle Tom the Grill Master
Sydney swimming

Cuddle Puppy

Max bought Lucy this teddy bear to play with she played catch with it 2x then it became her cuddle toy. We came into the house and found her cuddled up. She is a "girl" right now and has been spending lots of time cuddled up with her teddy bear.

Thursday, July 3, 2008


Last Sunday morning I had the joy to photograph a coworker Amy. She is entering a weight loss competition and wanted great before shots (that defines who she is how many of us schedule a photo shoot for the before shot?) After doing the necessary shots we had a great time playing as she showed of some of her favorite jewelry and things. She is full of so much energy and and passion for life as you can see in these photos.

While taking full body before shots I zoomed up to her face and captured this shot. I love the happiness in her face you would not know she just asked me "is the sun highlighting all of my fat rolls?"
The pukka shells
This necklace is beautiful!

Grandma's Jade

Hmm Amy are you hiding in the bushes for shade of for effect? The morning was heating up and it was time to head back to our air conditioned homes.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Big horns

On Saturday we went paddling and slowed down to take a break when we looked to the bank I was shocked to see a great big big horn sheep getting a drink very close to me. I tried to grab my camera as fast as I could out of my gear bag, and the water proof bag needless to say I was not able to grab it quick enough although I did almost succeed in tipping myself. When I finally got the camera out I was able to take a ton of pictures as we observed them for almost an hour. As we sat there watching these amazing animals about 8 of them I was reminded what a great choice we made with the kayaks versus a boat. So many boaters passed by speeding along and did not even see these giants eating and playing along the riverside.

Moments like this make me want to drag me big camera along but the little one is the smarter choice.

There are sheep in this picture can you find them?
WOW look at that balance her can lick his bottom perched on a rock!
Look at me I am beautiful!
Max noticed this guy coming down a ravine and I quickly headed that way we had a stare down for about 10 minutes.
Here he is watching me closely as I got out of my boat to cool down in the water.