Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Amoia's

I was so lucky to capture the Amoia's growing family. Megan (mom) and I worked together and she was very a very important part of brining me and my hubby together. We headed out to Tule Springs for a fun day in the sunshine.

Megan's parents were visiting from New york it was great to include them into a few of the pictures.

Three Generations of Girls- Look how Megan and her mom are standing the same way.

May they Louie and Felicia always be this close!
Felcia and Mommy
Felicia is so cute and photogenic such a change from where she was one and we gathered the family around every time he cries looked almost like a smile. Now check out the genuine smile!
Mommy and Louie, Megan is such an awesome mommy and the love for her children is palpable.
He loves mommy as much as she loves him.
Look at these two awesome boys.
We really wanted to focus on the newest addition to the family Louie!
He is so stinking cute full of so many cute faces!
Look at that drippy chin.
His tongue is fascinating!
But is it as cool as his toes?
Or a stick?
As you can see Louie fits right into the family!
Thank you Magin and family for letting me capture this moment of your growing family,a nd generations together!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We planned a trip to Phoenix to hear a concert (more about that later) and umm well we had no plan for the rest of the trip or how long it should be, other than lunch with my awesome cousin Heather and her great hubby Brian. For my birthday my hubby surprised me with a PLAN, we were going to the Music Instrument Museum, he figured with a camera in hand I would have a great time as would he. Boy was he right! I took over 700 pictures but don’t worry I edited it down to just a few favorites.

Just a few favorite things

  • Cool headphones that use blue tooth technology so you can wonder where ever not in order.
  • Hands on room (go in there after 2 or so when the daily field trips are over)
  • Instruments from all regions of the world.
  • High Tech and Low Tech at it’s best
  • Videos that showed the instruments in action.

Who knew an accordion could be so beautiful
In contrast yes real snakes died for this
Make due with what you've got!
Look at the detail the frets of this lute are made with string.
Question: Can you guess what to moving parts are?
A: Vertebra! Who knew the spine could be so beautiful!

I loved the detail of the rings in this drum
A glimpse of India's display notice the TV there were 4 videos of different instruments in the display. This one one also included native masks.
Beautiful Bells
This is a body suit the grasses shake and make music in the islands
After the au' natural above a bit more manufactured in South America (I want to say Brazil but not sure)
Check out the beautiful detail of these drums!
They were rocking out in 80's and 90's in Russia too!
Hey look they have a spot just for me!
American Jazz
Native American Drum Circles
Anything can create beautiful music notice the cans are labeled with their notes.
One of the drums form the Beijing Olympic opening ceremonies. It is HUGE
Hubby Playing in the Target Gallery.
Harmonica anyone!
I guess I never thought about where the bag for the bag pipe came from first.
Playing in the hands on gallery

Check out the detail of this music box.
I will leave you with one of my favorite shots!

The MIM was amazing check if you are in Phoenix check it out it will not disappoint and don’t forget to grab lunch at the cafeteria it is Top Chef good!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Birthday Fun

Playing a little catch up. For my birthday we went bowling. One of my favorite things about family birthdays is that we gather together usually it is to go out to dinner but currently there is not a single night of the week that everyone is off work. This lead to our bowling fun this year. It was fun to laugh, cheer, and compete with each other.

The Players of family and friends

I am not sure why Sydney is dressed like a bumble bee other than the fact she is 3.5 years old and is full of personality.
Check out that follow through!
Sydney wanted to buff and shine everyone's ball for good luck.

Hubby inspired by Sydney buffing and shining.
Tom Showing off his skills!
Strike!!!! Terrible picture but full of fun!
Sydney cam of Billy and Loreena

My favorite picture right now I love the pure joy on my face.