Friday, April 18, 2008

Music getaway

Last weekend my husband and I took off to Southern California for a weekend of concerts. When we arrived in La Jolla we checked into the hotel and then we headed to a special beach Max knew of, seal beach. I was amazed at how close I was to the sleeping seals. The babies were so precious and the bulls were amazing!!! I was amazed standing there with the man I love watching being amazed by natures wonders.

On Saturday we took it easy and relaxed in the room getting a wonderfully late start, it was very warm and we just were not motivated to move quickly. We headed to Old Town San Diego and found a wonderful little coffee shop that is just blocks from our favorite San Diego restaurant, who know that good coffee was so close. We had a wonderful meal at the Old Town Cantina, mmmm. While in Old Town I was struck by horrible allergies, and was saved by the liquor drug store, hey if the Sudfed didn't fix me I could take my sisters suggestion and pick up something that would make forget about how bad I felt.

After Old Town we headed to the first of out David Wilcox concerts. It was held at the amazing old church, and was and amazing concert. Then we headed back to the hotel for our tradition of pizza after the concert.

Sunday I woke up earlier then my hubby and I went for a nice long through La Jolla and to see the ocean. I found a great tide pool with many birds. I also enjoyed watching a father and son explore the pools together. When Max woke up we packed up and checked out then headed up to Santa Monica to go McCabes guitar shop. It was amazing and we both had a great time fondling the Taylor guitars, I tried to convince him that after over a month of guitar lessons I needed a new guitar. After shopping we asked about place to walk to dinner (we had great parking and did not want to loose it.) We had thought about an italian place we saw driving in, until they told us that it is one of the pricest in LA, ummm any other suggestion???? We ended up eating great Spanish food with more wonderful margaritas. After dinner we walked back to McCabes for the second great concert in two day. It was so cool to have such a wonderful recharge music weekend with my hubby.

One side comment though MAN IT WAS SO HOT and WHERE IS THE A/C????

Ooooh did I mention I found fresh Curly Wurly candy in Old Town. Mmmmm my tummy was so happy!!!!!

Old Town

Bird of Paradise on my walk

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trey and Macy's Birthday

My cousins Trey and Macy had a joint birthday in March (okay so I am a little behind.) The party was supposed to be outside but due to cold winds it was inside. The kids were a little crazy but adorable. Read below to learn about the safe pinata and bike wars.

Macy loves Dora

Trey making a wish

Jayden pulling the string on the pinata. YES you read that right no blind folded kids wielding sticks anymore now they each pull a string hoping to get the magic one.
Ally loved playing with the balloons

Macy and Trey both got bikes and wanted to ride them right away, somehow it turned into a boys vs. girls contest. With Uncle Tom and Trey on the boys side and and Aunt Joan, Macy and myself on the girls side. Uncle Max was neutral handing out tools. Macy and trey had fun helping out and watching the girls WIN!!!!