Friday, February 29, 2008

Scrapbook Challenge

Barb on dMarie posted the challenge to find a layout from the internet and scrap lift it. I was delighted thanks to a link for Jessica's blog to a really cool sketches blog. Here is my finished layout.
Journaling: We celebrated out first Thanksgiving as a family at Sandy's. We enjoyed a creative menu and were honored to be allowed into the kitchen long enough to do the dishes with Greg.

* Letters- American Craft Thickers- Painted
* Journaling Tag- K & Company
* Blue Ribbon- Making Memories
* Circle stickers- Me and My B ig Ideas
* Patterned Paper Cosmo Cricket
* Card stock red and orange- Bazzil
* Card Stock brown- Cool metallic stuff hiding in my stash for 6+ years no idea who made it.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Gone Fishing???

Last Sunday Max and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and decided to go fishing. Unfortunately we did not catch anything but cool pictures. We did have fun finding anew close fishing spot at the old Mariana that had to be moved because of low water levels.

The drought at Lake Mead is really obvious at the 3 island look out, yes the desert should be islands.
My handsome husband looking down at the lake at Sunset Altered photo of hubby

A picture of me photo by hubby The moon was so big over us as we were fishing.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sick Puppy-Update

A few people have been asking about the girls. They are both feeling better. I think last night (a week later) we figured out what made them sick. We discovered the grease trap on the BBQ was overflowing into the dirt around the BBQ. That would explain the rocks interspersed with the messes we found. We thought it was because Ethel tries to eat grass to make her tummy better that would explain it.

Thank You for you concerns!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wii are family

In January my parents and Sydney came over several times to play Wii and enjoy dinner. We enjoy playing Tiger Woods Golf. On this day we were also playing Mario Olympics. Max usually makes ribs for dinner. I lov ethe Wii and the opportunity to hang out with my aw some parents.

Sick Puppies

Last Monday we woke up to find that one of our dogs was not feeling good (all over the house.) While cleaning up we were not sure which puppy it was until Ethel showed us who was sick. I decided then to call in sick from work to take care of her and possibly take her to the vet. Max went to work and called to tell me about a balloon that was taking off right near our home. I grabbed the camera and ran out to take some pictures. Once I had the camera out I had fun taking some random pictures.

The good news of the day is that she started eating and drinking water and feeling better.

Ethel One sick puppy
Lucy not feeling the best either

Yes that is a Re max balloon flying over our houseA Southwest airplane flying over the house.
A cool tree full of birds


To celebrate our Museum Unit I was able to take my students to the local Natural History Museum. The best part of my program is that I am able to do activities like this as a family activity. All of the kids had a great time exploring the museum with their families and showing of their growing vocabularies. I was a happy teacher to hear 3-5 year olds debating if a particular piece of art was a Mural or Painting (unit vocabulary words.)

*Sorry these pictures are not my best but to protect the privacy of my students I can't use their faces.

Very cool dinosaur sculpture outside.
Part of the early explorer hands on program that we attended included each child getting a plastic dinosaur in Dino room and finding a match in the displays. It was so much fun seeing the kids run around I found mine.

In the exploration room there were many hands on exhibits including digging for fossils, playing dinosaur games, touring a submarine, and a favorite of my students a tank full of Nemo and friends. (pictures is my wonderful assistant)
Our guide describing dinsours

Nevada Exhibit looking at creatures under the desert

Going Bananas at Work

For a little fun during the long haul of the school year our Social Committee hosted a banana split party. The main event was a very fun contest!

Select a banana get a partner and decorate your banana. The whole staff voted on these amazing creations. It was fun to see how creative our staff is and how special our Banana Wednesday felt.

What do you do to keep life fresh at work? or within your family?

Mermaid- Created by me
A bedazzled Purse
The Zombie Banana
A Tropical Banana (this one even had tropical music)
The Trucker Banana
One cute puppy
Hannah Banana Montana and Frankenstein
Bike Banana
Heff n' the Girls (all banana's were kept in the teachers lounge out of student eyes)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Super Bowl Party

Okay, okay I know the Super Bowl was a few weeks ago but I have been busy and I have not had a chance to keep up. My family celebrates the Super Bowl and my Uncle Tom's house we have a couple special traditions, fun moments, cute kiddos, and a great outcome.

*Wear you favorite teams colors with pride who cares if they didn't make it next year we are just cheering for next season!
*Uncle Tom makes his amazing salsa

*We play the square game $0.25 a square

*Lu's famous football cookies

*Cheering with Katie
*Macy longing for the big cookie
*Grandma taking pictures with her new pictures*Sydney's first Super Bowl party

* And of course watching the game (my dad)