Thursday, November 19, 2009

THe Hood's 09

On Veteran's Day I had the pleasure of shooting my sisters family at Spring Mountain Ranch. The weather was a little crankier then the previous shoot but we still had fun.

Hello from the Hood's
A beautiful more serious shot

Having fun jumping on the bridge (I love how Sydney's hands are out directing mommy and daddy to jump) Look at the sass in Sydney's step
Our little collector found this huge leaf along with many sticks. THe whole family had fun tossing and blowing the BIG leaf
Chrissy and Tom
Love that tounge
How precious is this picture with her diaper sticking out. By the way she did not find any turtles, but she shure tried.
Mommy and Syd
Daddy and SydMy parting shot and one of my favorites

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Becky G's Family

Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting Becky G's family again, we first met 2 years ago. She called me and asked if we could make this weekend work her brother Jason came home and surprised the family. We headed out to Spring Mountain Ranch (I have not been out to the Ranch area since elementry school field trips.) We had a blast being silly and having fun enjoy a few of my favorites.

I love the interactions in this picture. Look at mom and dad and Becky and her daughter Emma.

Becky's parents just like before I am struck with how in love with each other they are!

Mom and Daughter

Emma with Uncle Jason

Father and Son so serious

Mother and Daughter (Emma posted the girls for this shot, she has a future)
I will end with a silly but fun shot. You have to love her silly personality in this shot.