Sunday, September 23, 2007

I've been Tagg'ed

My friend and wedding photgrapher tagged me for the 'eight levels of narcissism' where i'm supposed to share 8 things you may not know about me & then tag 8 other photographers. so here goes: click the above link to read a post about me on her blog- she's so awesome. Megan Resch

1. When I am stressed I bake, during the first couple months of my Masters program I was making 2-3 bunt cakes a week my co-workers loved me. My current favorite thing to make is currently donuts.'2. I learned to love the game of football through playing Madden NFL video games with my boyfriend now hubby. Thanks to understanding the game I now love football Sundays and have become quite the football fan.

3. I am obsessed with dead trees I am not sure why but it seems every time I go hiking a picture of a beautiful dead tree ends up on my camera.4. I am in love with reality TV some favorites Top Chef, Survivor, Top Model, Ty Murry's Celebrity Rodeo and more I know it is a mindless way to spend my time but sometimes mindless is a good thing!

5. I am a terrible driver (okay maybe this is not a surprise to many of you)

6. I am a country girl at heart my mom loves John Deere tractors and it must have rubbed off on me. I love to watch Rodeo and my favorite shoes are my boots.
7. In high school I was names the Home Ec student of the year (at the time I could not cook or clean, but I had amazing sewing skills)

8. I almost quit teaching early in my career, and a drunken bet kept me in the profession. the whole story: My first years I taught k-4 special ed pulling students out and hated it by the second year. At a party one night a friend dared me to try teaching high school, I took the bet and taught high school for two years and loved it. During the summer break of my second year in HS I received a letter offering me a free masters if I taught 3 years in Self- Contained. I accepted a position in Early childhood 3-5 year olds with a variety of disabilities and 6 years later I am still there happy to have found my niche in teaching and enjoying the profession I was called to do.

Passing it On
Well I am very new to blogs and fell into the non pro-photographers Megan mentioned thank you Megan for putting me in a class with such talented artists. Thank you to both of you for making me see things with a different eye and learning to use my camera as intended. Megan Thank you for guiding my hubby to buying a wonderful camera!
Candice Stringham
Megan Resch

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Avon Walk 07

This past weekend I joined 1,900 other walkers along the beaches of Long Beach California to raise over 4.3 million dollars for breast cancer research and outreach. It was my third walk and I was even more amazed by the amazing women and men who walk, crew, cheer, and support this adventure. I was fortunate to walk with my wonderful team Peggy's Spirit. We all started out as strangers over the years and have become a family of walkers. Not only was it wonderful weather but I was surrounded by wonderful people.

As many of you know my foot has been injured ( a muscle pull in the arch,) well finally last week I had my first day without pain. My doctor recommended taking it easy and taped me up. I walked the first 5 miles and took about an hour and a half off and the foot still felt good so I walked another 2 miles before taking a sweep van and heading into camp. My foot was re wrapped and I enjoyed an evening without pain. The next morning I was wrapped up one more time while I was being wrapped I realized that the doctor working on me was the same person that helped with my knee problems during the 2005 walk (what a small world.) I was feeling so good Sunday I ended up walking all 13 miles, for those keeping track that is 20 miles in two days (not bad for little training due to my injury.) I did end up with a few blisters and sore muscles since the rest of my body may not have been up to 13 miles but hey if the foot was okay then I did not care!

Enjoy my pictures, I was able to take some fun pictures of fellow walkers as I cheered them on (not as fun as walking!)

Closing Ceremonies "Raise your hand if have breast cancer, Raise you hand if some close to you has been touched by breast cancer, Raise you had if you walk to raise awareness for breast cancer, Raise you hand if you donated, or support a walker. (I may have skipped a few things)" By the end every person is raising their hands
One of the awareness banners at the Wellness Village

My cheering section : Mom, Sydney, Auntie Patty, Chrissy, Maureen
Me, My Auntie Patty, and My Mom
I walk in memory of their mom my grandma Momma Lu, and in the hope that no other women in our family will be diagnosed

My team Peggy's Spirit : Jean, Mike (his mom is Peggy this was his 32nd walk), Diane, Sydney (she walked last year in Mommy's tummy) Me, My sister Chrissy cheering me on
Martha a fellow walker this year she crewed and hosted a wonderful 7 dwarfs rest stop. Martha may be the happiest person I have ever me.
Me in front of the Pyramid Walking STRONG on day 2

Getting my foot fixed and the tape table
I am right the team Jean and Diane were just as camera happy as I am (here they were 50 feet from the start snapping pictures of a cool spider web.)
He served as a reminder of why we walk
This little guy was so cute cheering on his mommy and playing with a balloon he found
About 1 o'clock on day 1 a fog rolled in and swallowed up the pier in Seal Beach

Diane a teammate walking on day 2
Her Ribbon says "Every 3 minute" Ribbons were handed out throughout the walk as a reminder that every 3 minutes someone is diagnosed with breast cancer 637 walkers received ribbons over the weekend. I was one of those walkers cancer struck me in my sleep (remember to do your monthly self exams to prevent being one of the statistics!)
Evan was on Crew his mom, whose hand he is holding was both crew and walker
This is one of two towers that travel to each city, all the walkers in that city sign the tower.
This is one of the walkers I cheered on at the finish of day one, she broke into tears as she crossed the line.
A foggy start to the day

Monday, September 10, 2007

It is FOOTBALL Season!!!!

Here are a few shot from yesterday (the first official Football Sunday of the season.) Max and I were ready to watch the Steelers
It was a fun game to watch as they destroyed the Cleavland Browns. To celebrate opening weekend we gave Lucy a new toy. She loved her football squeaky, and had a great time chasing passes throughout the day.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Walk Thank you and an Update

Thank you for sponsoring me in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Your contribution really does make a difference- it will go toward funding access to care and finding a cure for Breast Cancer. I am very happy to report I have made my goal this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will not be walking the whole distance this year. Instead I will be walking at the start, the end and little bits and pieces throughout. The pain in my foot is finally healing and the doctor is worried that I will reaggrivate the strain that is finally healing.

I am very disappointed with this BUT I have raised the money and the awareness! I have decided to turn the situation into a positive and plan on capturing some amazing pictures of the walkers crew, and staff this year.

I am happy to report that my gift cards can now be found at Enchanted Florists in Las Vegas and I am already fund raising for next year where I will WALK AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

I am still collecting names of people that you donated in memory or honor of, please e-mail me those names.

Walking for a cure,

PS. Sorry if you get this message more then once.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Ready to grill

The old grill these took almost an hour and a half to barely cook with Hubby spraying EVOO on it to keep the flame going.
This weekend we had a friend over for several BBQ's, we had been fighting our BBQ which was on it's last leg. On Memorial day we decided to take advantage of discounted prices for the end of the grilling season (it there really a a grilling season?) We brought home a wonderful new grill, and Hubby and best friend had a great time grilling up hubby special burger. It was a great weekend of fun friends and food