Saturday, August 17, 2013

Sofia- Newborn Shoot

My most recent shoot was a  very special one.  I would like to meet my newest niece Sofia.  We had a great time with her newborn shoot she was awake the whole time.  I can not believe how expressive she is already at 1 week!

Day 1 isn't she cute!

 One Week old and ready to model all of her cuteness!

Lovin' from her beautiful Mommy


 Daddy's love

 My daddy is silly!

Love this next series it illustrates my brothers little families personality perfectly!
 What the heck Daddy?  

Mommy help me Daddy is crazy!

 Beautiful Family

Hey what about me?  Sinatra the cat tried his best to be in the shots and did a  great job reminding Lorenna and Billy to sit tall by batting at them through the backdrop.

Hey Pooh Bear What's up?

 Snuggling with my doggie!

 Hi everyone thanks for checking out my first photo shoot!

I warned you Sofia is amazingly expressive and adorable!  I think she gets it from her silly daddy and her beautiful mommy.  Billy and Lorenna it has been amazing to see how easily you have settled into parenthood!