Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sydney is 3

I can't believe Sydney is already 3 where did the time go. It seems just last month I was doing a maternity shoot with my sister. Wait if time has flown by this quickly for Aunt Lu Lu what must her parents be feeling?

Showing off her birthday cupcake, her whole party was cupcake themed this year.

Everyone painted ceramic cupcake banks, even the grown up got into the action.
Playing with one of her favorite toys with her friend Pheobe.
One of her favorite gifts Uncle Skip made this for her.
On her actual birthday we gathered again for a small family party. She had fun playing baseball inside. We are not sure where she learned to tap the bat before swinging but she looked like a little pro.
Thanking mommy for putting together her baby's chair.
Baby eating cake with her.

Blowing out her cake that she told Yampa (grandpa) she wanted.

Uncle Billy gave her a toy box tat she helped him put together.

It is so much fun to watch her grow up and become a big girl.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Fundraiser and Race for the Cure Fun

Help me know a world without breast cancer!

As many of you know Chrissy and I are crewing the San Francisco Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. We have both walked in the LA event and looked forward to having a new experience. We are hoping to raise over $1,000 dollars between us and need your help.
How you ask?

1. Attend Chips for Tits our first annual poker tournament for Breast Cancer.


Tuesday June 8, 2010

Play starts at 6 pm (late buy ins welcome)


Billy’s Party Pad

contact for address


$40 buy-in (50% goes to Luann and Christina’s Avon Walk for breast cancer accounts) 50% goes to the top chip holders. There will be other prizes throughout the evening

$5 buys you into a yummy dinner buffet


To join in the fun contact luann @ wilson.luann@gmail.com

Christina @ splashychic79@aol.com

Poker details Patti @ beaglemom@sbcglobal.net

2. Go to our web sites and make a donation
Luann's Page click here
Chrissy's Page click here

3. Contact us and give the donation directly to us.

Supporting the Local Cause!
In May the family Billy, Chrissy, Tom, Sydney and I participated in Las Vegas's Race for the Cure. Tom and Billy both ran the girls walked. Here are a few of my favorite pictures (I walked with my point and shoot so I apologize for the quality.

Why we walk in memory of our Mama Lu
Aunt Lu Lu and Sydney
The Hood's before the race
Tom and the other runners getting ready to go
Sydney running

Billy and Tom came back to meet us
Thank you everyone that has supported me in my effort over the past 6 years together we have raised over $7,500

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cave Creek AZ

Since we were dating Max has told me about Cave Creek , AZ and this awesome coffee shop & wine bar. We have watched for concerts there over the years finally the stars lined up sort of.

While watching our favorite artists sites we saw that Shawn Mullins (you have most likely heard his songs Lullaby, or Shimmer) was playing in Cave Creek at Tonto's Bar and Grill. Thursday night we decided to go for it and left right after work Friday. We started our day Saturday having lunch with my awesome cousin Heather and her super hubby Brian (big celebration for them they just bought their first house!)

After Lunch we headed up to Cave Creek and hung out at coffee shop, antique stores, we even found a guitar shop. It was a wonderfully relaxed day finding some special little treasures.

After another coffee at Cave Creek Coffee we had dinner at Tonto's Bar and Grill (awesome burger!) We headed out to the concert which was on the on the back porch and golf course. It was so beautiful watching the sun go down over Eddie Elliot's shoulder ( how cool that I was able to bring my good camera in, although I was torn focus on the music or the amazing pink sunset over the pretty cacti!

After the sun set Shawn started to play it was magical night after he warned the kids playing in the background of the Javalina's a small pack ran by in the background. He was in groove singing almost all of my favorites I love when an artist checks my iPod and designs their set list off of it! Some of Shawn's songs are in our favorite songs to picks ad grin together with like Beautiful Wreck, All in my Head, and Joshua.

A bonus to the relaxed day was plenty of time to play with my camera! Here are a few cactus shots, they are so much prettier in AZ!

Random shot from "The Town Dump" A very cool antique/junk shops lots of furniture.
Sunday we headed back to Cave Creek (we were staying in Happy Valley) to visit the coffee shop we heard about at the show the night before. Janey's (sp) coffee was the coolest shop it opened Tuesday and does not have a web page yet of I would link her up! It is almost all open with really cool rustic details, even down to the bathroom how cool is this counter top?

On the drive home we stopped at this interesting shop perhaps it was the open sign that caught our attention LOL! The two people working were the type of free spirits that keeps America interesting. Carl was telling us all about when he goes into town he washes his hair and how he happily lives in his truck out back.
Cool date nails that were in Hank's
The drive home left me wondering "Where's the Dam water?" On a social commentary I remember being a kid going to the Dam after flooding and getting wet on the dam and they had to use the over flow tunnels. Seeing the water this low makes me wonder how long we can survive in the dessert without water?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Becky Higgins Photography Exchange

For those of you that are visiting my site from Becky Higgins site welcome to my little slice of cyber space look around comment and have fun! Click HERE for my on-line gallery.

For my normal viewers wondering what is going on, I have donated a one hour photo shoot to a deserving family in the Las Vegas Valley. See details at her blog HERE

I am a teacher by day and enjoy photography as a creative outlet. My personal philosophy is to provide family photo opportunities for all families. To meet that philosophy I will be offering special rates to Becky fans please e-mail at wilson.luann@gmail.com and make sure you mention Becky's Big Photography Giveaway.