Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tom's Birthday

Today is my brother in-laws birthday, as part of family tradition he go to pick his favorite restaurant for family dinner. His pick Red Lobster, there was no chance for us to stick to healthy eating when they placed those yummy cheesy biscuits on the table. Our orders were pretty funny all the girls had chicken and pasta and left the fishies to the boys.

Tom playing with his food (yummy crab legs)
Auntie Lu impressed the family by eating her pasta while holding her Sydney, I just could not put down my favorite niece.
Sydney just about 9 months old
*side note* I wish I could figure out how I got the great lighting (no flash) half of the pictures came out great and half were blurry. I know my ISO was set on 1600 and the good pictures were occurring with the A-Dep and portrait setting. I really need to keep track of these things.

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kellyr said...

Syd is adorable!!!!!