Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trey and Macy's Birthday

My cousins Trey and Macy had a joint birthday in March (okay so I am a little behind.) The party was supposed to be outside but due to cold winds it was inside. The kids were a little crazy but adorable. Read below to learn about the safe pinata and bike wars.

Macy loves Dora

Trey making a wish

Jayden pulling the string on the pinata. YES you read that right no blind folded kids wielding sticks anymore now they each pull a string hoping to get the magic one.
Ally loved playing with the balloons

Macy and Trey both got bikes and wanted to ride them right away, somehow it turned into a boys vs. girls contest. With Uncle Tom and Trey on the boys side and and Aunt Joan, Macy and myself on the girls side. Uncle Max was neutral handing out tools. Macy and trey had fun helping out and watching the girls WIN!!!!

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