Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Fun on the water (2 trips)

Max and I headed out to Willow Beach on the Colorado River and headed upriver for a nice long paddle today. We had so much fun exploring a few little inlets , and delighting in the fact that we were paddling on the river . One of the highlights of the trip was making it to Emerald cave, isn't it pretty ! We both were getting tired and decided to turn around. Max set the GPS to record our mileage home. When we got to the truck the mileage showed 5.78 miles WOW that was one way. BUT when we went to the little store at the Beach the lady told us Emerald Cave was 2.5 miles away. No way it had to be further when we got home we discovered we had gone about 3 miles each way for 6 or so miles total. Well the 11 miles was impressive but frankly so is the reality of 6 miles.

Me in the mouth of Emerald Cave

Emerald Cave it was so cool to sit inside and watch the poat pass by wishing they could get inside!When we got out of the boats we looked up to see a heard of 6 big horn sheep (man I wish I had my big camera with me.)
This pictures is from 2 weeks ago at Canoe Beach while fishing
Sunset at Canoe Beach

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