Thursday, July 3, 2008


Last Sunday morning I had the joy to photograph a coworker Amy. She is entering a weight loss competition and wanted great before shots (that defines who she is how many of us schedule a photo shoot for the before shot?) After doing the necessary shots we had a great time playing as she showed of some of her favorite jewelry and things. She is full of so much energy and and passion for life as you can see in these photos.

While taking full body before shots I zoomed up to her face and captured this shot. I love the happiness in her face you would not know she just asked me "is the sun highlighting all of my fat rolls?"
The pukka shells
This necklace is beautiful!

Grandma's Jade

Hmm Amy are you hiding in the bushes for shade of for effect? The morning was heating up and it was time to head back to our air conditioned homes.

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Christy Grant said...

Love these pics of Amy. Wow! Can I get copies? :)

Thanks for sharing. I'll have to read more later. It's waaaayyyyy late right now, so I need to get to bed.