Tuesday, April 7, 2009

How to install a shed

Here are my steps to build a shed so far.
1. GO to Sam's and purchase
2. Get home and realize it is to heavy for SH and you to get out of the truck ad ask nice new neighbors who were moving in and had friend helping to help us put boxes into the back yard.
3. Wake up excited to construct.
4. Lay down the floor
5. Swear because the ground is not as level as it looked
6. Head to Lowe's and purchase bricks and 1 ton of sand and a wheelbarrow
7. Run back into Lowe's for work gloves
8. Yank out two bushes blocking the fence to the back yard
9. Guide DH into the back yard with sand and bricks
10. Carefully layout and level bricks in a square 2 rows of 7 and 2 rows of 10
11. Scratch head and wonder why the square is now a Rhombus
12. Fill Rhombus with sand
13. Head to Lowe's for another 1 ton bag of sand
14. Shovel sand from truck into rhombus
15 Help DH level grill (hey how did that get into my plans but he was keeping me hydrated and fed all day not to mention still not 100% and lifting hurts but he makes a great support crew!)
16. Lay down floor again with DH scratch head and wonder why doesn't this fit on my 10x8 square I used 12x12 blocks.
17. Count blocks on short side, hey who stole a block I swear I put 10 down (nope just can't count, maybe the rhombus should have been my clue, but DH missed it too!)
18. Put up walls (with a little help on the corners)
19. Stop for a home made sugar free Frappachino made by DH
20. Finish walls
21. Install back and corner shelves
22. Stop for delish dinner Steak Verde and Green beans with almonds YUMMY
23. Put together doors windows, and gables
24. Start to install doors, oops need help
25. Go get DH, wonder "why is he sleeping in his chair"
24. Wonder how did it get to be 2:30 am send him to bed
25. We will finish it tomorrow, now I need to blog/post about it LOL

Pictures in the next few days I promise.

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Kristen said...

Pictures to follow?