Friday, November 30, 2007

Becky G's Family

I was very lucky to do family pictures of Becky G's Family on Mount Charleston. I was lucky enough to have some insider information on a few great spots for pictures since this is where I got married. The family was so much fun and full of energy. Before I met up with the family I enjoyed a quiet drive around the mountain, listening to some backlogged podcasts. When I arrived at the lodge I enjoyed a few minutes at the bar with a yummy hot chocolate watching football.

The G family having fun together!
Emma was so cute and trying hard to be good but as you can see in her droopy eyes she was not feeling her best.

What kind of ice cream does this tree smell like? Becky thought I was just pulling Emma's leg to get a cute picture of a tree (since I was using many of my preschool teacher skills.) I was actually using my good old camp counselor skills and sharing the secret of the ice cream trees. They really do smell like chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and even the rare butterscotch.
Even when your sick how can you resist having fun on the mountain?
I love Emma's look in this picture
Having fun running around with mommy
Emma Kissing Grandpa, she was tickled pink to be almost as tall as him.
Becky's romantic and very adorable parents

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