Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Kemp's

I was lucky to capture the Kemp's growing family. Little Rebecca is 5 weeks old, and she is adored by her almost 4 year old brother Jeremiah.
As you can see they are a very fun family!
Wrapped up like a little pea pod!
Smiling at mommy
Hard at play
I just love this silly look!
He just adores her!
A quite moment with mommy. I was giving Rebecca one last cuddle when I saw this out of the corner of my eye.
Look how big she has gotten in just 5 weeks.
Cuddling with Daddy
Deep in manly conversation!
Thank you Kemp's for letting me join your family for the afternoon.


Kristen said...

Their little girl looks like she has as much hair as Kyce. They have adorable kiddos! very nice pictures...

Anonymous said...

I love how your photos show the interactions and relationships between the people you are photographing! I usually look to your ideas when I feel like I need some new ones of my own!