Friday, May 21, 2010

Fundraiser and Race for the Cure Fun

Help me know a world without breast cancer!

As many of you know Chrissy and I are crewing the San Francisco Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. We have both walked in the LA event and looked forward to having a new experience. We are hoping to raise over $1,000 dollars between us and need your help.
How you ask?

1. Attend Chips for Tits our first annual poker tournament for Breast Cancer.


Tuesday June 8, 2010

Play starts at 6 pm (late buy ins welcome)


Billy’s Party Pad

contact for address


$40 buy-in (50% goes to Luann and Christina’s Avon Walk for breast cancer accounts) 50% goes to the top chip holders. There will be other prizes throughout the evening

$5 buys you into a yummy dinner buffet


To join in the fun contact luann @

Christina @

Poker details Patti @

2. Go to our web sites and make a donation
Luann's Page click here
Chrissy's Page click here

3. Contact us and give the donation directly to us.

Supporting the Local Cause!
In May the family Billy, Chrissy, Tom, Sydney and I participated in Las Vegas's Race for the Cure. Tom and Billy both ran the girls walked. Here are a few of my favorite pictures (I walked with my point and shoot so I apologize for the quality.

Why we walk in memory of our Mama Lu
Aunt Lu Lu and Sydney
The Hood's before the race
Tom and the other runners getting ready to go
Sydney running

Billy and Tom came back to meet us
Thank you everyone that has supported me in my effort over the past 6 years together we have raised over $7,500

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