Sunday, August 15, 2010

Summer Siblings

THe Summer brings my siblings birthday's. In June we celebrated Billy's birthday. It was a treat to have him home for his birthday (the first time in 3 years.) Sydney came over and decorated his cake. We had so much fun.
The finished product! What can I say this girl loves her sprinkles!
She also had fun helping mommy (Chrissy) wrap his gift.
Our family tradition is to pick a restaurant for a family dinner. Billy chose to break the mold and have everyone over for a game night. This was right after enjoying pizza, during half time of a fierce boys vs girls trivial pursuit game. GIRLS WIN!!!!

July brought Chrissy's birthday. She chose to go to PF Chang's. Her card that Sydney made.
THe coolest gift ever. Max and I were antique shopping and we saw this bottle we filled it with dishwashing liquid to decorate the Hood's Kitchen. On the side are her initials. It killed us to wait to give her this unique find.
The Hood's
I wonder why Sydney is such an goofball?
Uncle Billy helped Sydney fine tune her chopstick skills.
As you can see she was a master at the end he must be a great teacher.
Happy Birthday to the best brother and sister in the world.

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