Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Bishop Family

My latest shoot was of of Lisa and her family. We went out to Calico Basin and had a blast.

Mom and Dad
Lisa and the Kids

Connor- He relaxed quite a bit when we got off the boardwalk and hit the rocks.
Connor smiling!
Lisa and Connor
Lauren and her beautiful mom Lisa
Lisa's main goal of this session was pictures of her kids together. Lisa I hope you like these!

Lauren and her boyfriend Shaun

The day ended in a little surprise from Shaun to Lauren. A promise was made to wait until Shaun returns from his mission.

While I was taking a picture I hear the boys climbing down a rock, all of a sudden I hear Connor say "Uh I'm not tall enough!" Luckily Shaun was right there and he helped him out.
Thank you choosing me to capture your family in this moment of time!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome job - as always!!

Texas Cropper