Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas Mom

This fall I was contacted by hairdresser Anna, I am friends with her mom (our moms are best friends.) She wanted to do a photo shoot for her parents as a Christmas gift with her brother and his daughter. I was so excited to do this shoot, I could not wait till she saw these beautiful images of her family.

Her kids gave her the pictures tonight so I can FINALLY share these amazing images, it has be very hard to keep this secret.

Anna and Matt (Brother and sister)
Alondra Matt's beautiful daughter
Kim had complained she does not have any good photos of Matt as an adult.

I love this one!
How fun this?
Alondra's rare smile!
A few daddy daughter shots

So precious
Matt is a pretty cool dad!
Playing with Tia Anna!
A few shots of the 3 of them, I wish I was there to see Kim's face.

I think this one is my favorite!
Having fun
Look it is another smile!
Matt and Anna thank you for asking me to help you with this special Christmas gift. I am so happy the cat is out of the bag and I can share with the world.

Merry Christmas may it be full of many Merry surprises!

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Anonymous said...

They turned out gorgeous Lu. Of course, these pics are of three of my favorite people! I know Kim was thrilled!