Thursday, June 7, 2007

Hike on a cool day

Yesterday was unseasonally cool. I headed up to Red Rock Canyon for a rare hike in the summer. Normally it is to hot after early April. Yesterday it was only80 degrees normally100+.

I hiked into Ice Box Canyon and even wished I had my jacket a few times IN JUNE go figure!!!!
Hiking back I ran into a desert fox and possibly a coyote, to think I was worried aobut snakes. The fox was only about 10 feet away from me EEEEEK!

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Rose said...

OK - that's a little ambitious of you to hike Red Rock Canyon in the heat! Remember when I came out to LV? My friends wouldn't even get out of the car, and they complained the entire time for feigned boredom. At least one claimed to have fallen asleep! ARGH!

Anyway, I enjoyed it, and it was beautiful! Someday I WILL get out of the car and hike a trail... but when it's much cooler!