Sunday, July 29, 2007


My wonderful husband surprised me a few weeks ago with a very good idea. He discovered that the newest Disney musical the Little Mermaid was opening in Denver before it opens on Broadway. It was so amazing how they translated water to stage, even better was how they did land and water together. The costumes were also great Ursala was amazing. The seagulls were so funny. The new music added was awesome as were the familiar songs. The new song Pooituvitity (sp) was great! It was a very cool experience this show before seeing glimpses in media and having the opportunity to be completely surprised!

This weekend we headed to Denver and enjoyed a very relaxing weekend he even booked us at the wonderful Warwick hotel in a mini suite with a fabulous view of downtown Denver and and an even better view from the rooftop pool. The first night we had a wonderful romantic dinner (with a window view of a great flash flood and lightening storm) and headed to the show. After the show and two harrowing cab rides in the rain we sat on our porch and watched the rain.

The next day we woke up and headed downtown to the 16th street mall, enjoyed a great lunch at a little corner bar. I had a great time taking pictures of all of the cool old buildings (if you have been to Vegas you will understand why I was so excited.) We also enjoyed a bit of shopping a couple of galleries in Writer Square and a wine tasting. Finally we headed to the airport to go home. Overall it was a great little trip *thanks honey.*

A view from our hotel of downtown and a very cool parking garage, yes that silver building is a parking garage!

More views from our 9th story porch the storm , and rain on downtown Denver.
A view down 16th street (a closed street full of shops and galleries)

One of the bronze sculptures in Writers Square

Cool building

More cool buildings

Wait! There are no pictures of us or the Little Mermaid ooops I guess I got lost in looking at all of the great old building and the storm, that and being worried about getting my camera taken away at the show.


Jessica said...

Gorgeous photos! Sounds like your weekend getaway was awesome!

holly ann said...

So glad to hear you had a great time! Can't wait to feel well enough for a night out for a show and dinner. :)

Hey, check ours out too -

cz scrap said...

Lu-I just signed up to be able to comment here-I really enjoyed all your blogs-you take great photos! What a great weekend you had-reminds me of the days with dh before kids-kind of looking forward to getting back to that-love my kids, but miss that time with dh-wish I could have taken that photo shop elements class-photoshop still "scares"me a bit. Keep sharing those photos-Cathy