Monday, October 15, 2007

Crop-Tastic Weekend

This past weekend I went to California with my mom and our friend Kim. My aunt Pat hosted a wonderful weekend of scrapping, laughing, shopping, a drink or two, junk food eating, and memory sharing. We played fun games and my aunt taught a great class. I can't believe she has only been scrapping for a few months she hosted the weekend like a pro.

I heard so many wonderful stories on my mom's side of the family and the two of them sorted through pictures. One of my favorite parts was the early morning and lat night chit chats.

I would share more but a promise was made what happens in Simi stays in Simi!

Mom, Me, Auntie Patti
Happy Shoppers and Scrappers
(after a few hours of scrapping a field trip was needed)
A quiet moment in the scrap room, formerly the living room
Wrapping up scrapping on Saturday
(Ann's great bartending skills are starting to show)
Welcome home
(I love my hubby he met me at the airport with a rose!)

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