Wednesday, October 10, 2007


This weekend my husband and I went fishing at Lake Mead. I have not been fishing since I was a child, but hey a new adventure is always fun. On Saturday we headed to get fishing licenses bait etc. by the time we arrived the sun was setting. Max was frustrated that we did not get to put a line into the water but I was delighted with the great sunset pictures I took.
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Look how low the water is getting
Later in the weekend we were able to go out again earlier in the day. We need to work on finding a good spot but Max did catch a fish (or bait depending on how you look at it.) The only thing I caught was several great pictures. I will head out fishing again since it was nice to spend a few hours together without lives distractions, and laughing at my special casting skills. I lost my line, and half of a fishing pole luckily the bobber drifted back to me and the half a pole was still attached by the line so I did not have to go swimming.

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Great pictures! Diane Hogan