Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cookie Day

During Veterans Day weekend all of the grandkids and great grandkids met at grandmas to make Christmas cookies. This year we made sugar cookies, candy canes, interpretive wreathes (Trey and Brandon5, and 6 years old were in charge and they did their own adorable thing!) and of course Russian Tea cakes my favorite. After cookie making the kids played out side while the mommies chatted and everyone ate pizza. This year it was weird to see the grandkids helping their own children participate in this special tradition. I enjoyed helping out and giving the moms a little break while the boys had a blast making cookies. Thank you grandma for all of the work you put into making this tradition special for all of us!

Trey's Special wreaths

Chrystal and her daughter ally rolling out sugar cookiesMommy we need sprinkles!
Sydney's first cookie day
Brandon Candy Cane Super Star, thanks to the great snakes he was able to roll!
Pretty cookies
Macy getting help from daddy
Paul Fixing Ally's hair. Yup thats right Paul puts ina mean barrette.
Ally Playing outside
Best friends Bryce and Brandon rolling cookies. These two were my cookie making super stars.

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