Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas x 4

1This year we had a very blessed Christmas multiple times. The first Christmas was two weeks ago in Simi Valley, CA with my aunt and cousins family and friends. The highlight of this trip was a visit to the Christmas tree farm. It was so much fun helping Billy and Ann and Dan find just the right trees. Ann was also the hostess with the mostess and provided many good meals the highlight being Lasagna mmmmmm. Dan's family came over to celebrate his Grandpa's birthday and my Dad's birthday along with Christmas there were about 15 people over for dinner. We were all eating at the table and Grandpa (94) was in the living room and asked "Should this be on?" we all look up to see hard core porn on the big screen ooops (the program that was on and ended and the History of Porn came on HBO.) We also had a great time opening presents and playing Wii together.
My favorite thing as Sydney snuggling into me and falling asleep. Opening Presents- Sydney needed a short break Saturdays breakfast and Sydny's first donut She LOVED it! Billy and mom looking at trees Billy consulting with dad about the possible perfect tree The boys cutting Billy's first tree for his new home. Strapping the trees onto Ann's car Sydney and aunt Luann exploring the trees
2 Christmas Eve at Grandma's The whole family went to the Children's Mass at St Francis De Sales, then we headed to Grandma's house. For a great feast for 30+ the table wrapped through 2 rooms. After dinner we handed out presents and had a great time sharing time with others, and watching the kids discover all of their new toys and games.

Trey and Macy
Chico Teresa's new family member exploring the chaos
Ally taking pictures of everyone
Brooke working hard to crochet napkin rings for everyone

Aunt Sharon and Grandma ready to open presents and get started
3a CHristmas morning at our home. Max actually let me sleep in a few minutes past the sun rising this year we woke up at 6:45. The first thing we did was give the girls (dogs) their gifts new doggy beads and stockings. Next stockings, then presents. It is easy to tell present in our house wrapped gifts are for Max and stapled gift bags are for me. It was a very camera Christmas for me with a new lens and flash along with gorgous earings. Max was delighted with a long longed for coffee grinder (goodby more counter space) and the girls gave us a Wii (SO MUCH FUN!!!!)

The girls delighted with their new beds
Our stockings
Max opening his presents
Lu carefully opening her gifts ****Beware fo staples*****
3b Christmas at mom and dads house. This year Christmas started late Max and I had so much fun playing the new Wii we lost track of time. We picked up Billy and headed to mom and Dads for traditional orange rolls and fruit for breakfast at 2pm ooops. It was weird celebrating Christmas with out Chrissy and her family but they were in Colorado with Tom's family. As you can see we had a great time opening presents taking pictures, eating a great meal I look forward to Dad's Christmas dinner every year. We ended the evening by hooking up Billy's Wii and having a family Wii tournament.
Me having fun Billy shocked and surprised My little family Mom and Dad Billy and Max at dinner Wii
4 The day after Christmas we gathered at Mom and Dads to celebrate Christmas with Chrissy and Tom's family (the just arrived back from Colorado.) We had a pizza dinner at 6 and then the family came over at 7 to see Sydney open her presents. The little kids enjoyed helping her out, since she was not the fastest unwrapper. While we were not able to celebrate Christmas all together this year it was fun having 2 weeks of Christmas fun.

Look what Santa brought Chrissy and Tom

Tiger missed Sydney while she was in Colorado
Macy, Brooke, and Trey helping Sydney
Paper is so much more interesting then toys
Grandma delighted as she watches her granddaughter having fun
Chrissy helping her wonderful daughter open gifts (I love the concentration on mommy's face)

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This was a fun night!!!! I love seeing the little cousins together!