Saturday, December 1, 2007

You never know...

You never know what an everyday thing will lead to. 4 or 5 years ago I substituted for a kindergarten teacher on maternity leave over my summer break. One of the students in my class was an adorable kid DJ. Well DJ had a little brother Dalton who I ended up selecting to be a typical peer in my special education preschool program. One thing lead to another and Dalton ended up being in my class for a speech delay, and was in my class for two years. One day my plumbing went crazy and I called in sick and payed way to much to get it fixed and had to cancel a home visit with Dalton's family. When I told Julia (mom) the next day why I canceled she yelled at me for not calling Dan (dad) to fix it since he is a plumber! DUH! I knew that well you can bet I remembered his number after that day. I have become friends with the family despite no longer being at that school, and enjoy getting to see my favorite family (that is not related to me.)

A few weeks ago Julia called me and DJ invited me to watch him in the super bowl. Well today I braved the cold with all of the other proud families and fans and watched DJ and his football team won his football league SUPER BOWL! It was so much fun cheering him on he is quite the lineman. I loved watching his parents watch on with pride and his little brother and sister yelling for the team. His grandparents were also there watching with pride. PICTURES BELOW

I am so lucky that fate twisted in so many ways and lead to a friendship with the wonderful Walters Family. We had many funny phone calls over the years as the kids have grown into little people. Heck, Samantha was not even walking when I met the family.

DJ 99 making a tackle
Block him DJ
Super Bowl Champion DJ

Soaking the coach (poor guy it was very cold outside)Proud Parents Julia and Dan
Dalton (he was so cute he was so proud to introduce his Grandma Janice to me and tell me "I can say her name now!")

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