Saturday, February 16, 2008


To celebrate our Museum Unit I was able to take my students to the local Natural History Museum. The best part of my program is that I am able to do activities like this as a family activity. All of the kids had a great time exploring the museum with their families and showing of their growing vocabularies. I was a happy teacher to hear 3-5 year olds debating if a particular piece of art was a Mural or Painting (unit vocabulary words.)

*Sorry these pictures are not my best but to protect the privacy of my students I can't use their faces.

Very cool dinosaur sculpture outside.
Part of the early explorer hands on program that we attended included each child getting a plastic dinosaur in Dino room and finding a match in the displays. It was so much fun seeing the kids run around I found mine.

In the exploration room there were many hands on exhibits including digging for fossils, playing dinosaur games, touring a submarine, and a favorite of my students a tank full of Nemo and friends. (pictures is my wonderful assistant)
Our guide describing dinsours

Nevada Exhibit looking at creatures under the desert

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