Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sick Puppies

Last Monday we woke up to find that one of our dogs was not feeling good (all over the house.) While cleaning up we were not sure which puppy it was until Ethel showed us who was sick. I decided then to call in sick from work to take care of her and possibly take her to the vet. Max went to work and called to tell me about a balloon that was taking off right near our home. I grabbed the camera and ran out to take some pictures. Once I had the camera out I had fun taking some random pictures.

The good news of the day is that she started eating and drinking water and feeling better.

Ethel One sick puppy
Lucy not feeling the best either

Yes that is a Re max balloon flying over our houseA Southwest airplane flying over the house.
A cool tree full of birds


kellyr said...

Cute pups!!! The bird pic is phenomenal!!

Annette33 said...

Staying home with your sick dog, lol. Hadn't ever thought to take a sick day to do that.

Anonymous said...

Poor puppies-I hate it when they are sick as they don't understand what's going on. Jazz will usually hang around me and while she can be very affectionate at times, it usually means she's not feeling well-she somehow knows that "mom" is the one to go to when she feel icky. Loved your photos-we get several balloons a year flying overhead-they are so beautiful, but scare the heck out of Jazz-she can hear them way before we do-the firing up of the hot air sends her to the door of the house with her tail between her leg-poor thing. cz scrap

Anonymous said...

oh nooooo.. the poor babies! sorry they are sick..and hope they are doing better now!
Love seeing all your pics! I need to come here more often... :)

Anonymous said...

oops.. that anonymous was me! Armymom...LOL