Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Future Sinsini's

On June 7th I was lucky enough to be part of a major surprise for Megan. Megan started the night thinking she was stopping by her grandma's house to collect a birthday present, but little did she know the surprises her 25th birthday would bring. She arrived at her Grandma's to find a surprise birthday party (where I tried to blend in with her friends explaining I was a gift from her mom to take pictures of the evening little did they know!)

"Surprise Megan you are not going to the Rainforest Cafe!" arriving at the surprise party.

It was time to open presents this is Vincenzo watching her open his gift a beautiful jewelry box.

Megan opens the box Look what was inside!
Look at the love on their faces

Only a handful of people in the room knew what was inside, the squeals from Megan and her excited friends was awesome. After they celebrated for a few minutes with their friends and family we went outside to do a quick engagement shoot. The energy between Megan and Vincenzo was amazing and the love between them just poured out of their laughter, smiles, and tender touches. Thank you for letting be part of your special day!

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