Sunday, June 29, 2008

Last Friday I woke up bright and early I had promised DH some puppy time before he went to work but he was not in bed, about 10 seconds later he and Lucy(puppy) jumped into bed. I smiled and he asked Coffee? I stumbled out of bed to make his coffee (he had just finished directing 4 concerts in two days so I have been the super supportive wife but it was early I grumbled in my head. I made his coffee and got dressed so I could go clean up puppy poop (I was off and it was one of the last things to get off of my list.) Any who he told me he forgot some stuff in his truck last night could I please get it. Still grumbling I go out and find a brand new paddle for my Kayak and a dry bag???? I am a little confused at this point. I stumble out to the back porch where he is enjoy his coffee and thank him. At that point he let me know he was starting his vacation a day early and we were going to spend the day together on the Colorado River, ad the dry bag was for our food YIPEEE!!!!!!!!!! I was so shocked, I have been a little bummed that my vacation and his were not together due to his concerts (I love year around schools!) I replied "but I have to clean up poop." He grinned "not the reaction I was hoping for." Everything slowly made sense and I quickly helped him get everything together.

We had a wonderful day on the river and paddle quickly upstream (my new paddle was great) we enjoyed a snack and then kept padding only to hit some hard rapids, after struggling for a long time we decided to take a mini break and make a plan. It was at that point we realized they were releasing water from the Hoover Dam and today was not our day to make the long paddle to the dam. We turned around and went back to our spot and enjoyed a yummy lunch and practiced self rescue I did it! It was wonderful to feel so relaxed and play together! When we got back to the truck I was surprised to discover we had paddled for 9 hours, my how time flies when your having fun! The whole day I realized how lucky I am that he realized how important this time together was for us. Man I love my man!


I created this layout for a digital scrapbooking class I am taking from Jessica Sprauge
All of the elements for this layout are from Sweete Shoppe Designs- Carnival Kit. The paper tear is Katie Pertiet.

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