Sunday, September 13, 2009

Growing Galey's

About 2 years ago I did a maternity shoot with Holly and her wonderful husband Shaun. They were expecting twins.
I did a faimly shoot with her adorable 1.5 year olds, it was quite a challenge to try to get a good family shoot her son was not in the mood and kept walking away. Here is one of the better shots.They were not to worried though since.....
Yep thats right they have a little boy on the way. As you can see we had fun playing with mommy.
I love this one
How precious is this picture??? I love the smiles
I love this picture when Holly asked "Where is the baby?" she flipped up her shirt and pointed to her belly. As you can see by the escaping toddler behind them how focused on the family pictures the boys were LOL I walked in the door and her son spotted my bag of blocks he had a blast playing.
While we were taking pictures he wondered away picked up a rock and walked all the way accross the field to return the rock to its place. It was so precious how serious he was.
I love this smile
I will end with a bit of reality with twins. Do you think they will grow extra arms with the new baby?????

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