Tuesday, December 14, 2010


This weekend I kidnapped for a little photo shoot and an adventure, I can't share the details of our adventure but I will after Christmas. I took her up to Lake Las Vegas armed with 3 changes of clothes, and a 3 year old full of SASSY. We had a great time and Sydney was a great sport.

A quiet moment watching the sun set on part of the lake
Check out the energy
MMMMM and that yummy smile!
While shooting I was telling Sydney to hurry because the sun was going to go away including hurrying to a special spot to watch it disappear. As you can see she was very excited as she amused a couple walking by, as she was yelling "There it Goes, Goodbye Sun"
Playing in the fountain
This shoot also served as her Christmas pictures. I did not know this huge tree would be out there but it was a very happy accident!
Isn't she adorable!

I am a very lucky Aunt to have such a happy niece to spend an afternoon with!


Anonymous said...

She just keep getting cuter.

Maureen said...

She's really beautiful, Lu! You ARE a lucky aunt b/c she is obviously enjoying your company!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful - what a lucky girl to have you for a Aunt!!! michelle j