Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Hood's 2010

I was lucky enough to go hiking at Red Rock with my sister and her family. We had so much fun and I took a million pictures well maybe not a million but more than normal here are just a few of my favorites.

Sydney- Look how big she is getting!
Chrissy and Tom

Sydney wants to say hi to all of my blog readers.

Getting silly together

Mommy and Me

Daddy and Me

Daddy keeps me warm
My favorite Big Girl Niece Sydney can you believe she is 3.5
She is full of energy

and smiles
Chrissy my beautiful sister
Tom my handsome brother in law
I snuck this one while we were driving back


Christina said...

So great, Lu! Love them all!

Anonymous said...

Lu, These pictures are wonderful. You have such a talent, I am so jealous. Maybe a Canon can take images, ha ha!! Lol
Aunti Patti

Kristen said...

So cute. I can't believe she is getting that old. GReat pics Luann.