Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bountiful Baskets

Today I picked up my first Bountiful Basket. It is a food co-op I spent $15 and got all of this yummy food. I may need your help with ideas on what something is and how to cook/eat it.

Neatly lined up one fruit and one veggie basket each!

The Veggies

Yellow Squash, I can't wait to grill this up and eat it over couscous! Any other ideas?
Nice small potatoes
I think this is cabbage not ice berg it is a little thicker then iceberg. I don't know if I like cabbage any ideas on how to prepare it in a yummy way?
Spinich, mmm wraps here I come!
Any ideas what this is? I heard someone say a sunchock??? How do I prepare this HELP!!!!!!!
A closer look (I know it is not ginger)
Fruits (no group picture I accidentally deleted it oops!)
Strawberries these will make yummy snacks and maybe go on cottage cheese
Bananas (they need to ripen a bit!)
Mangos besides a smoothies any tips on eating a mango????
Dainty little pears they are so small!
Apples Yum!
Oranges they started it all, last week a friend brought a few to work and gave me one and they were so sweet next thing I know I was joining a co-op of produce yumminess!
Cantaloupe Lucy is excited for this one!

No I do not plan on photographing every piece of produce I buy! I am working on a challenge and these fir the challenge so I was playing with y camera a bit.

Here is the website if you are curious check it out

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